Time4Media Too Slow to Sell

Chris Mohney · 12/05/06 09:40AM

If you were hoping to add a few Time Inc. titles to your gift bag, think again. The increasingly fumble-handled debacle of the Time4Media sale — including a few cherries like Field & Stream, Popular Science, and the Parenting group and Golf — will now drag out into next year, practically insuring fewer bidders, lower bids, and a pre-emptive staff exodus. Happy holidays, kids!

Alex Kuczynski Not Winning Any Fans Among Literate Gun-Toting Community

abalk2 · 11/20/06 03:40PM

We were perusing this month's Field & Stream (Shut up - like articles on the ten best ways to hunt deer during winter don't get you hot.) when we came across the following entry in that mag's "Heroes & Villains" section. By our count, this makes Field & Stream the final North American publication to have taken a shot at Kuczynski, following closely on the heels of Black Enterprise magazine's recent feature, "Thank God This Bitch Is White." We're not necessarily unsympathetic to Special K's point of view here, but we do love the picture chosen to go alongside the text: We're sure whoever's life force she was just about to ingest died slowly and painfully.