Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/13 01:25PM

Broke-ass Pennsylvania capital city Harrisburg plans to sell off its incinerator and lease out all its parking spaces to pay its debts, after its Wild West trinket sale didn't do the trick.

Whoops, Turns Out the Navy's $37 Billion Boat Is a Death Trap

Hamilton Nolan · 03/28/13 03:21PM

After 9/11, the US Navy launched a massive program to build a "Littoral Combat Ship" that could fight submarines, clear underwater mines, and perform other tasks close to shore, because, um... you never know where the terrorists might be, with snorkels. Astoundingly, it appears more and more like this boondoggle has become—you guessed it—a boondoggle.

Scranton Is America's Most Financially Fucked City

Hamilton Nolan · 07/11/12 09:05AM

Sure, it's true, cities and counties from Alabama to California have given up and declared bankruptcy due to this ongoing Recesssion of Doom. Hell, San Bernardino just declared bankruptcy yesterday. But those cities are quitters. They've taken themselves out of contention, the losers. For an American city that is still trying to survive financially, and failing miserably, there is no better example than Scranton, PA—the jewel of Lackawanna County.