This Is What It's Like to Have a Clown-Sex Fetish

Rich Juzwiak · 06/11/14 11:45AM

"The fun thing about clown sex is there's really no rules," says Jay, a 33-year-old from Chicago and expert on the subject. Jay shared his fetish and many of its accompanying toys—greasepaint, rubber noses, clown pants that you can wear with nothing under them, a cat o' nine tails made of uninflated balloons—on an episode of Logo's sex therapy reality show Bad Sex last night.

Might the Coffee Nerds Be Right?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/13/13 04:10PM

It must be said right up front: coffee is a utilitarian beverage that exists mainly to wake you up. Therefore, treating coffee as some delicate wine-like treat that can only be appreciated by a select group of gourmands is absurd. Or is it?

Here Is a Man Who Has Romantic Relationships with Balloons

Rich Juzwiak · 08/27/12 08:45AM

Twenty-seven-year-old Dave, who lives near Little Rock, Arkansas, is a dedicated "looner." That doesn't mean he's crazy (although he might be that, too — judge for yourself) — "looner" describes a person who has romantic relationships with balloons. Dave blows them up, but he will have you know that he isn't blowing them, per se: "I am pure in my life," he explains regarding the suggestion that he may be doing "something else" with his beloved blimps. His lack of sexual passion is a little bit disappointing as I kind of wanted to get to the bottom of all those Xtube balloon videos I'm too scared/otherwise occupied to click on, but Dave makes up for all of this in this segment from last night's Taboo by saying off-the-wall stuff like, "When you think about it in a real, true love sense, it really isn't a toy." He also describes his "balloon rescues," and mourns a popped one. He's really extreme, as only a man who is having polyamorous relationships with rubber bladders can be.

Huffington Post Now Citing Adult Baby Diaper Fetish Forums for Race-Baiting News

Max Read · 08/03/12 01:35PM

A few days ago, Pulitzer prize-winning leftist cocaine site Huffington Post broke the news that Louisiana's Rayville Elementary — currently receiving a "failing" grade from the state — won't allow white students to transfer out due a federal desegregation ruling from 1986. A perfect article to be circulated as evidence of reverse racism! And all it needed was a little bit of "here's the reaction around the web" padding courtesy a quote from the forum ADISC.org.

Arkansas Has a 'Toe-Sucking Fairy' Who Also Maybe Eats Toes

Lauri Apple · 09/16/11 02:34AM

The town of Conway, Arkansas is being haunted by a man who compliments women on their feet, then tries to suck on their toes. Is it the infamous "Toe-Sucking Fairy" of the 1990s, or some younger, copycat wannabe?

The Quentin Tarantino Toe-Sucking Sex Email That Will Haunt Your Dreams

Maureen O'Connor · 06/28/11 06:15PM

A young woman who works in show business emailed 15 friends last week with a tale about meeting director Quentin Tarantino at a party. She made out with him, took sexy pictures in a photo booth, and watched him whip out his "short," "fat," "nub-like" penis. She then had foot fetish quasi-sex with him, she claims.

Man Fakes Disability to Fool Nurse Into Changing Adult Diaper

Max Read · 06/09/11 10:34PM

Police say 23-year-old Eric Carrier, of Hooksett, N.H., faked a brain injury in order to get his diaper changed by a nurse. Apparently, he placing an ad on Craigslist posing as the father of a brain-damaged son, luring an in-home nurse to his house so the nurse could "assess what type of care she needed to provide in the future."

Please Let Us Dry-Hump Our Body Pillow in Peace

Mike Byhoff · 03/11/10 04:22PM

A Korean man named Lee Jin-gyu has fallen in love with and married a body pillow. And not one of those pillows that's all busted; this one's way soft. We should be outraged, but that pillow is too damn sexy.

The Williamsburg Hipster Grifter Scavenger Hunt

T.A.N. · 04/18/09 03:30PM

Yesterday I went to Williamsburg in search of The Hipster Grifter. We may have spotted her! Also, we randomly ran into people from the previous pictures and coverage. During the work day! She's amazing!