Marc Jacobs Wrapped Around Finger Of This Gay Filipino Blogger

Ryan Tate · 02/12/08 11:44PM

Following in the footsteps of handbag maker Fendi and model Terron Wood, designer Marc Jacobs finally knelt down before Bryanboy, the blogger once described as "Paris Hilton reincarnated as a gay, Asian twink." Jacobs is naming an ostrich handbag "the BB" in his honor, sent him a pretty picture and even let threesome-friendly boyfriend Jacob Preston leave him a sweet voice mail. All are after the jump, plus bonus video of Bryanboy's tribute to Jacobs.

Choire · 09/11/07 10:00AM

From the mailbag: "Just as the heavy wooden doors opened today at FENDI for business, there was OPRAH, zooming in, entourage and body guards in-tow, as she declared she had misplaced her FENDI sunglasses (the super fab dark ones with all of the logo F's on the sides) and she NEEDED to replace them immediately! 'We only have this one last pair,' says the Italian saleswoman, 'I'm sorry there are no others in the back.' 'PERFECT,' says Miss O, and off she lopes wearing them out of the store. (Entourage member then stays behind to pay....)"