Juggalos Give Gentrifiers Dick-Sucking Ultimatum

Hudson Hongo · 11/20/14 12:40AM

If nothing else, Insane Clown Posse fans are known for being pretty reasonable, willing to cut off their own nipples for $100 or burn off your tattoo for free. So it's no surprise that a group calling itself "The Juggalo Family" gave targeted North Portland businesses some options when they plastered them with flyers last week, writing, "Vacate or [REDACTED] our [REDACTED]."

More Oral Sex Might Mean More Cancer

Max Read · 01/31/11 02:46AM

Oral sex is totally awesome, which means it must be bad for you in some way. And now we know how! Apparently, a rise in certain kinds of cancer may be thanks to all the oral sex everyone has nowadays.