Gossip Roundup: Jack Nicholson and a Strap-On. The End.

Jessica · 09/20/06 12:50PM

• Jack Nicholson convinced Martin Scorsese to include a scene in The Departed featuring Nicholson, two women and a strap-on — a scene, conveniently, that Nicholson thought of himself. At what point can everyone stop buying into the Nicholson sex-symbol thing? Those days have passed. His presence in a scene like this does nothing but ruin it. [Page Six]
• Clay Aiken comes out of the closet and confesses he has wild nights of manlove panic attacks. [ABC]
• Paris Hilton gives a $100 bill to a homeless man. Shame on her, exploiting the less fortunate just to make herself a little bit less loathsome. [TMZ]
• Post-rehab, Whitney Houston seems to have her shit together and is, of course, eyeing a comeback. [Page Six]
• Revlon kingpin Ron Perelman admits that he dicked over his own son. [R&M (2nd item)]
• Mischa Barton admits that she was "self-obsessed." Good of her to tell us about it. [IMDb]
• Carl Bernstein defends Bob Woodward; Kate Bosworth starves; Leonardo DiCaprio dodges questions. Slow day. [Lowdown]
• Britney and K-Fed bring home poor baby Sutton, and so the child's nightmare begins. [Us Weekly]

Britney Spears Confirms Federletus:2

Jessica · 05/10/06 08:36AM

Shock, awe: In an unannounced appearance yesterday, Britney Spears confirmed her pregnancy to David Letterman (only marginally better than a press conference). This finally and thankfully puts an end to rampant speculation that she was simply fat.

Britney Spears Cries About Stolen Baby Pics

Jessica · 10/24/05 12:56PM

The road to legal hell is paved with the best intentions. To wit: On Friday, we posted a very tiny picture and linked to the leaked images of Britney Spears's newborn Federletus, Sean Preston Federline. How could we not? The baby is, we admit, absolutely adorable, and we'll be damned if the pop singer doesn't actually look kind of good.