Fake News Is Illegal Now

John Cook · 04/19/11 02:41PM

The Federal Trade Commission is asking federal judges in six states to shut down a total of 10 "fake news websites" that front as credible journalism outlets but really just hype the AMAZING WEIGHT-LOSS POTENTIAL OF ACAI BERRIES ™ !!!!!

The Federal Trade Commission's Coming War on Bloggers

John Cook · 10/09/09 12:18PM

The FTC is planning public hearings aimed at figuring out how to prop up dying newspapers. On the agenda: tax breaks for news organizations, changing copyright law, and "greater public funding of public affairs news." This is very, very bad.

FTC gives Carl Icahn permission to acquire more Yahoo stock

Nicholas Carlson · 05/30/08 03:40PM

The Federal Trade Commission says corporate raider Carl Icahn should feel free to buy more large blocks of Yahoo shares. At last count, Icahn already owned 4.3 percent of Yahoo. Shareholders allied with his view on the Microsoft-Yahoo merger — that it should happen — now control at least 31 percent of the company. Too bad for them it seems less likely every day that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer — or really, chairman Bill Gates — wants to go back down that road.