'Beautiful Feathered Tyrant' Too Fat to Fly

Caity Weaver · 04/05/12 12:37AM

A team of Chinese and Canadian scientists announced on Wednesday that farmers had discovered a new species of dinosaur as big as a T-rex, covered in feathers, in a small quarry in northeast China. The dinosaurs, found in a pack of three, are the largest feathered animal ever discovered – alive or extinct.

Dinosaurs Don't Have That Asteroid to Kick Around Any More

Hamilton Nolan · 09/20/11 04:35PM

Frozen feathers! Getting shorter! Asteroid redemption! NASA engineers! Weight brain! Giant telescopes! Desperate dolphins! Indian frogs! And hypothetical questions with real world consequences! It's your Tuesday Science Watch, where we watch science—like ka-blow!

Sexy Neanderthals Wore Feathers

Max Read · 02/23/11 12:57AM

Italian paleoanthopologist Marco Peresani found a bunch of bird bones in the "Grotto of Smoke," a site known for being "loaded with Neanderthal bones." And he's got a theory: They wore them! As accessories! Fashion!!