Giant Eagles 'Could Target Children'

Maureen O'Connor · 09/02/11 01:48PM

The Scottish government recently imported 14 sea eagles from Norway, to reintroduce the giant bird of prey into the wilds of Scotland. Unfortunately, they chose areas not quite wild enough, according to the Scottish Gamekeepers Association, which is calling for an inquiry into the feathered monsters with wingspans of up to eight feet:

Bedbug Panic Hits the Web: The Interactive Map

Maureen O'Connor · 08/27/10 05:54PM

In the mood for some bedbug-related fearmongering and/or pranks? Check out BedbugRegistry.com, where users catalog close encounters with the bloodsucking kind. Let us explore this terrorizing website and see whose lives we can ruin with it. Update: Bedbug Registry responds.

Valentine's Day: Ruined!

cityfile · 08/20/09 12:43PM

"Can a candlelit dinner give you cancer?" New research today suggests that, yes, that charming, romantic dinner your boyfriend was planning in your honor may just have been an attempt to kill you. [NYDN]

ABC News Branches Out Into Science Fiction

Ryan Tate · 07/09/08 03:08AM

Oh, this is exciting: Remember how Roone Arledge of ABC revolutionized TV sports by superimposing dramatic personal narratives onto matches, then revolutionized TV news with magazine shows like 20/20 and Nightline? Well, now ABC News is expanding on this pioneering legacy by venturing where no other news division has dared to go before (on purpose): fiction! Or, as ABC calls it, "reporting from the future." The network is asking everyone to imagine the hellscape of 2100 in order to "form a powerful... narrative about the perils of our future", and thus incite change. To do this, you just need to make a short video about how terrible things are going to be, based on a "briefing" from ABC's team of trained psychics. Here's the email pitch sent to some Columbia students yesterday: