Trump Says His Goon Supporters Beat Up Protesters Because They Deserve It

Brendan O'Connor · 03/10/16 11:05PM

Asked tonight whether he uses rhetoric that might encourage violence at his campaign rallies, Donald Trump said, “I hope not. I truly hope not.” He also seemed to imply that any protestors who are on the receiving end of Trump-supporter violence were probably themselves being violent.

Why Not Move to Fayetteville, NC?

Hamilton Nolan · 07/15/09 02:30PM

It's my understanding that if you're in the Army you can't just up and choose to move wherever you like, so one would think that an entire bizarre ad campaign devoted to convincing military people to move to your town would be a waste of time. But maybe "one" is not a patriot! Fayetteville, NC is "The World's First Sanctuary For Soldiers," a title that they clearly just made up. Why move to lovely Fayetteville, NC? Plenty of reasons! Let's examine a few: