Hero Crazy Person Will Mess Up Your Bike Lock

Hamilton Nolan · 08/10/10 11:22AM

Fed up with "Yuppies"—and the city officials who "allow them into the neighborhood"—some lunatic is injecting Krazy Glue into random bike locks in fauxhemian Williamsburg, for justice. "No bike is safe." Goodness. [Brooklyn Paper; Pic via]

Vice: Hip Pimps

Hamilton Nolan · 08/05/10 10:30AM

Vice long ago morphed from a magazine about dirty hipster shit into a Corporation, which sells Cool. The fact that Vice is often referred to as "hip" is a dead giveaway of its clients lackluster levels of coolness.

The 'Most Amazing Opportunity of the Summer'

Jeff Neumann · 07/05/10 09:38AM

Are you an LA-based cool person with "a dependable car or Vespa?" If so, you can be an intern for point-and-shoot nightlife photography conglomerate The Cobra Snake! Successful candidates will also have an "opportunity to learn about Vintage clothing."

Fauxhemian and Italian Stereotypes Battle in Williamsburg

Hamilton Nolan · 06/07/10 09:22AM

In a magical neighborhood called Williamsburg, old meets new, religious meets artistic, cultures combine to create a wondrous...ehhh. Old Italians and young Fauxhemians behaving stereotypically, dig it!

Man Buys PBR for $250 Million

Maureen O'Connor · 05/26/10 01:25PM

After the IRS ordered Pabst's owners to sell, the brewer of blue-collar beverages languished on the market for years. Then something remarkable happened: hipsters discovered it. So now the guy who owns Vlasic pickles plunked down $250M to buy it.

Adult Kickball Still Exists for Some Reason

Jeff Neumann · 05/25/10 05:49AM

Week Four of Brooklyn Kickball is in full effect! "Scrappy," "The Kaiser" and "The Clarkmeister" are fighting for a title against a tough field of ironically-clad competitors. They even eat cupcakes with beer in them before games. Yay! [NYP, pic]

Meet the Pickleback, the Latest Fauxhemian Nectar

Ravi Somaiya · 05/07/10 05:17PM

Drinkers are apparently weary of all the fancy-pants cocktails filled with tinctures and obscure violet-based liquors. The kids these days are, apparently, enjoying a shot of whisky followed by a shot of pickle brine.

Williamsburg 'Too Cool' to Fill Out Census

Adrian Chen · 04/11/10 07:54PM

There are many reasons you might not fill out your census form: distrust of the government; questionable immigration status; illiteracy. The "young, recent graduates with ironic mustaches" of Williamsburg have apparently pioneered a new one: Being "too cool".