Becoming More Than Dad

Jozen Cummings · 06/15/14 10:30AM

Pop taught me how to play catch and swing a bat. Soon after, he signed me up for little league, and then signed himself up to manage my team. Teammates called him Coach Richard, but to my sister and I he was always Pop. That was how our mother referred to him in the beginning of their relationship, after learning Pop was the nickname Richard was given during his days as an air traffic controller. She meant it as a term of endearment; my sister and I meant it as a title. Pop was our way of calling Richard dad without actually using the word.

What A Difference A Loving Dad Made

Kasai Richardson · 06/14/14 12:37PM

My father — an old lion of a man — would bark, "They don't give a fuck about you," any time I called a rapper, athlete or actor a "beast" for their artistic or athletic feats.

Funny Man

Matt Siegel · 03/15/14 11:52AM

“Is this Matt the Hat?” A pet-name from my childhood.

Edward Snowden's Father Proposes His Son's Voluntary Return

Max Rivlin-Nadler · 06/29/13 11:43AM

The father of Edward Snowden sent a letter to the Justice Department on Thursday, laying out a series of arrangements that he believes would convince his son to give himself up to the United States (not that he's talked to his son about these proposals).

Bieber Will Disprove His Daddyhood With DNA

Lauri Apple · 11/06/11 05:58PM

To end these terrible falsehoods about fatherhood once and for all, beloved boy wonder Justin Bieber will give up some of his sacred DNA and (presumably) prove stuntwoman Mariah Yeater to be a trouble-making lying-liar-lady. The test will take place in two weeks, TMZ reports. It won't be broadcast live on pay-per-view for only $49.95, we're pretty sure.

Spanish Men Get Breastfeeding Rights

Adrian Chen · 10/01/10 10:36AM

The European Union Court of Justice has ruled that working fathers in Spain are entitled to two "breastfeeding" breaks throughout the day, just like mothers. What they'll do during these breaks is anyone's guess. Probably drink beer and watch sports.

Men Victimized by Low Diaper Expectations

Hamilton Nolan · 06/23/10 08:20AM

Are men capable of dealing with a child's poop? Despite strong warnings from wise men that only women have the inborn baby poop-handling gene, Pampers is now trying to pawn off its dirty product on fathers. They're not doing well.

Matthew McConaughey Vs. Clay Aiken: A Study In Dad Contrasts

Seth Abramovitch · 08/08/08 01:39PM

Today brings the joyous news that ovary-shaking Idol demigod Clay Aiken has become a father to a healthy baby boy through the miracle of cutting edge fertilization techniques (the specs of how it was all accomplished are available here, if you care). In honor of this most improbable celebrity parenthood, we thought we'd compare and contrast Clay's siring achievement to that of another unlikely new dad, Matthew McConaughey: