Here's What You Missed During Fashion's Night Out

Leah Beckmann · 09/09/11 02:15PM

Last night was the third annual Fashion's Night Out, Anna Wintour's fake charity. We must acknowledge that this is now a global thing that happens, and will continue to happen, once every year, like some sort of culling of the herd. Here are all the celebrities, parties, and ridiculous fashions that you missed by not attending.

Come Join Our Fashion's Night Out Scavenger Hunt

Brian Moylan · 09/07/11 03:30PM

Fashion's Night Out can be so tedious: the crowds, the celebs, the free champagne, the lack of sales. God, it just seems like too much bother. We're going to skip it altogether, but in order to do so we need your help. Join our Scavender Hunt, take pictures from the event, and you can win cash!

The Cast of Glee Will Ruin Fashion's Night Out

Brian Moylan · 08/16/11 12:47PM

As if Fashion's Night Out—Anna Wintour's fake charity that encourages people to shop with celebrities, free drinks, and parties (but never discounts)—wasn't annoying enough, now the cast of Glee has been named the official spokespeople this year.

Gossip Girl: Hamilton in the House

Brian Moylan · 09/28/10 12:34PM

Whether the rich, beautiful youngsters on Gossip Girl are going to Columbia, raping teens, or attending to Fashion's Night Out there's only one thing that matters: power. Who has it, who wants it, and who comes out on top?

Shopping Pretty Much As Good As Sex

Maureen O'Connor · 09/17/10 01:34PM

Good news: "Shoppers experience the same rush of endorphins when they stumble across a hot sale promotion as they do when they are sexually aroused." So if you shopped during Fashion's Night Out, you have been to an orgy.

Everything You Missed During Fashion's Night Out

Brian Moylan · 09/11/10 12:41PM

Last night was Fashion's Night Out, the giant retail party that took place across the U.S. and, here in NYC, guaranteed every big store had a crowd of fashionistas, celebrities, and the people who love them. Here are some highlights.

Fashion's Night Out Will Now Be an Annual Tradition

cityfile · 10/29/09 08:44AM

Fashion's Night Out, last month's "largest single shopping event in the city's history," may not have actually involved all that much shopping. But it did get people to actually step into stores (which was a nice change of pace), and did provide the city's beleaguered retail industry with a psychic boost. So perhaps it's no surprise that the city and FNO czar Anna Wintour announced today that the event will return once again next year. If you're particularly excited by this news, head over to the official Fashion's Night Out website. The site now sports a clock so you can count down the days, minutes and seconds to September 9, 2010. [WWD, previously]