The Emperor's New Clothes: On Kanye West, Fashion Designer of Dope Shit™

Jason Parham · 02/16/15 05:30PM

Let's, for one minute, forget that Kanye West is a platinum-selling, chart-topping music artist who has released six highly regarded solo albums in the last decade (to say nothing of his recording broship with Jay Z, production work on various rap and R&B albums, and outsized influence on popular culture). I want to talk about Kanye West, Fashion Designer of Dope Shit™. I've previously considered Kanye's multitudes and his import as a public figure on Gawker—he's "helped to unsettle this idea of how a black man should act or talk or love when others are watching"—but the New York Fashion Week debut of Yeezy Season 1, his first Adidas Originals collection, warrants examination once again, of both the designs and the designer.

The Sun is Rising on Our Twilight Years: Old Women Are So Hot Right Now

Dayna Evans · 02/13/15 10:50AM

Perhaps you've had occasion to browse a newsstand recently (why) and you've noticed something odd. Take that first "d" and replace it with an "l" and you're well on your way to understanding a thrilling new trend in photos of notable women. No, that isn't softskinned Kentucky beauty queen Jennifer Lawrence on the cover of the latest issue of What's the Deal, Ladies magazine. Nor do those tap shoes with a Pilgrim buckle sit on the ankles of the nubile Scarlett Johansson as she poses like Venus on the Babes For Real bi-monthly. That woman you see, well, she is a woman of a certain age.

This Winter's Fad for Dummies: The $1200 Canada Goose Jacket

Sam Biddle · 01/30/15 03:30PM

Canada Goose Jackets are for pricks. The big bulky puffers are distinguishable from other parkas only by a patch. Don't buy one, because they're expensive, and winter sucks enough without being a consumer sucker on top of it all.

Writer's $600 Sneakers Render Him Incapable of Relating to Loved Ones

Andy Cush · 11/26/14 03:35PM

Every November, media types, ourselves included, trot out the trope that spending time with family during Thanksgiving is necessarily a difficult thing. Your sister is hateful, your uncles are racist, your nana's candied yams are a brutal, sunset-hued chore to be endured. Today, we meet the saddest victim of these holiday communication breakdowns: a poor soul whose excellent taste in footwear left him unable to bond with the people he cherished most.

These J.Crew Models Are All Wasted

Sam Biddle · 10/16/14 10:25AM

We all like J.Crew's mix of preppy-yet-accessible, casually chic, well-fitting, affordable, and "very cool" clothing, but did you realize we're financing the substance abuse of these models? Today's best new Tumblr, Drunk J.Crew, exposes the lushes of Ginghamville.

Kanye's Favorite Fashion Label Hires a Noted Racist and Anti-Semite

Allie Jones · 10/06/14 10:17AM

Noted racist and anti-Semite John Galliano has officially come back to fashion. Maison Martin Margiela, the couture label that designed Kanye West's Yeezus tour wardrobe, confirmed today that Galliano will be its new creative director. Kanye himself first announced the news on Twitter.

Dress Like a Journalist

Leah Finnegan · 09/29/14 02:48PM

Contrary to popular belief, journalists take couture very seriously. In journalism school,* young journalistos and journalistas are educated on appropriate fashion choices—garments they can move and be comfortable in, in case they have to run from a cop, attend a lengthy court hearing, or sit and blog for nine hours.**

Yes, It Is Still Fine For Men to Wear Shorts

Hamilton Nolan · 09/02/14 11:06AM

Now that a hot summer day has finally arrived on the east coast, it is time once again for self-proclaimed fashionistas to tell men not to wear shorts. (All the men that take fashion advice from, that is.) Let us remind you of another point: wear shorts. It's hot. Don't be ridiculous.

Hamilton Nolan · 08/28/14 08:23AM

Clay is the hottest new beauty product for celebrities. Forget other forms of soil. Only clay has today's most popular mix of dirt, water, and trace minerals. Do not be caught consorting with silt, mud, or quicksand—clay is this season's soil of choice.

Yoga Clothes More Popular Than Yoga

Hamilton Nolan · 08/21/14 09:20AM

Traditionally, Americans only see the inside of a gym from January 2- January 15, before giving up on their New Year's resolutions. Their actual need for athletic apparel is minimal. This does not stop Americans from buying athletic apparel as fast as they can.

Man Shows Up for Mugshot Wearing Previous Mugshot on His Shirt

Andy Cush · 08/18/14 04:13PM

So you've just been arrested, and you're wondering what you should wear when you're booked into jail. Worry not, as there's one surefire way to nail it with style and grace: just wear any old shirt, but print the mugshot from a previous arrest on the front. You'll knock 'em out.