Which Closeted Comedic Actors Are Battling Over a Boy?

Brian Moylan · 09/12/11 10:00AM

These two top-tier funny men are feuding because they both want the same guy. Russian mobsters are making Fashion Week dangerous, and this actress has a husband and a lover who enjoy their own company as well as hers. These Hollywood relationships are so complicated!

The Sights and Sounds of the First Day of Fashion Week

Brian Moylan · 09/09/11 05:00PM

Like the butterflies returning to Mexico before they die, so are the models, editors, and other fabulous hangers on flocking to Lincoln Center and its environs for the start of Fashion Week. What did you miss if you didn't make it to the tents today? Let's have a look.

Westboro Baptist to Protest Fashion Week, Thank God

Richard Lawson · 09/09/11 09:37AM

For once in their miserable lives, the grizzled wackos of Kansas' Westboro Baptist Church (we've them to thank for "God Hates Fags") are doing something we almost half agree with. Namely, they're protesting New York Fashion Week.

Scenes from the Scantily Clad All Male Underwear Show

Brian Moylan · 09/08/11 05:00PM

Yes, Fashion Week doesn't technically start until the stroke of midnight, when the city will use Anna Wintour's cold magic to transform itself into a place of model parties, runway shows, and clothing presentations. But before women's wear takes over, let's give the men an equal opportunity to shine. It's only fair, right?

Come Join Our Fashion's Night Out Scavenger Hunt

Brian Moylan · 09/07/11 03:30PM

Fashion's Night Out can be so tedious: the crowds, the celebs, the free champagne, the lack of sales. God, it just seems like too much bother. We're going to skip it altogether, but in order to do so we need your help. Join our Scavender Hunt, take pictures from the event, and you can win cash!

John Galliano's Final Collection for Dior

Brian Moylan · 03/04/11 03:50PM

Even though head designer John Galliano was fired for an anti-Semitic tirade earlier this week, Dior still had to show its fall/winter collection at Paris Fashion Week today. CEO Sidney Toledano addressed the crowd before the presentation, saying, "What has happened over the last week has been a terrible and wrenching ordeal for us all. It has been deeply painful to see the Dior name associated with the disgraceful statements attributed to its designer. However brilliant he may be."

Fashion Week Saunters Into the Home Stretch

Brian Moylan · 02/17/11 06:29PM

It's time for all the designers, models, and assorted hangers on to finally head home and get over the constant champagne buzz of New York Fashion Week. Yes, today is the final day of the festivities, and we're still bringing you the best images of the day, like this model at Elie Tahari, who does not want to be messed with. [Image via Getty]

Beauty Abounds at Fashion Week

Brian Moylan · 02/16/11 06:55PM

Just like Hansel and Gretel were trapped in that gingerbread house, we are still trapped in the sweet, sweet world of New York Fashion Week. Here are some of the best pictures of the day, like this model backstage at 3.1 Philip Lim. We can't tell if she's delighted or yawning. [Image via AP]

We Are Still Not Sick of Fashion Week

Brian Moylan · 02/14/11 06:42PM

[No event in New York is photographed as extensively as Fashion Week. Continuing our trip down the glamour rabbit hole, here are some more of the best images from the barrage. This tableau, above, opened the Monique Lhuillier show. Image via AP]

Cam'ron on the Bowery

Jeff Neumann · 02/12/11 04:30PM

Just before 3 am on Friday at the Bowery Poetry Club, a private Fashion Week kick-off party was starting to wind down. Hundreds of drunk partygoers had left or were on their way out, while several took turns puking and sleeping on the sidewalk nearby. But the dedicated stayed put, waiting for the night's rumored special guest, Harlem rapper Cam'ron.

Fashion Week Continues to Strut Along

Brian Moylan · 02/11/11 06:15PM

The city is currently seized by the glamorous thrall of New York Fashion Week. Here are some of the best images from the day, like this model being tortured by some strange beauty ritual at Farah Angsana. [Image via Getty]

An Inside Account of the Shady Side of Modeling

Jeff Neumann · 09/16/10 03:24PM

A five-year project filming the lives of model Sara Ziff and her friends is now a documentary called Picture Me, which premieres after the close of New York Fashion Week tomorrow. We spoke with one of the models, Sena Cech.