Mike Bloomberg Enjoys Musical Theater and Spandex

hwalker · 03/16/08 09:15AM

At last night's Inner Circle bash for the City Hall Press Corps, the Mayor performed with the cast of the campy Broadway roller-disco musical Xanadu. Bloomberg wore two ridiculous costumes that belong to two different City tribes— the gays and the hipsters. At left, an absolutely flaming photo of the Mayor in vaudeville dandy gear surrounded by boys in togas. In the shot on the right, Mike wears an ensemble straight out of the Lower East Side complete with shiny, purple American Apparel spandex and leg-warmers. So where do his loyalties really lie? Is Mayor Mike a gay or a hipster?

Clavicles, Emaciation So Hot Right Now

Emily · 05/10/07 11:10AM

As any lady who wears clothing or shops in stores has probably noticed by now, "tent" and "trapeze" and "bubble" dresses are the new hotness, and while these puffy, loose, maternity-looking tops may seem forgiving to those of us with less than rail-thin figures, the Times would like to remind you that really, the focus has only shifted to a new indicator of skinnyosity. "Sharply outlined collarbones say 'Don't let this tent dress fool you: Underneath it all, this girl can fit into a sample size.'" Even more alarming: "It is also an area whose prominence is unlikely to be enhanced surgically (at least for now)." Stay tuned, Styles readers, for the inevitable follow-up story—'Is Clavicle-Whittling The New Labioplasty'?