Trump Eats Farts

Brendan O'Connor · 07/20/16 01:20PM

CLEVELAND — Trump eats farts lol.

Here's A Supercut of Arnold Schwarzenegger Farting

Aleksander Chan · 06/22/14 07:04PM

Appropriately titled "Fartzenegger," this supercut does not, technically, include four minutes of Arnold actually farting, per se. It does, however, make it disturbingly clear that Arnold has made quite the career out of contorting his face into expressions similar to ones you might make will passing gas.

Science Locates the Elusive Fish Fart

Hamilton Nolan · 03/27/12 01:58PM

"Researchers hoping to better understand fish distributions by recording the sounds they make have picked up something unusual: barely-audible, cricket-like noises they think could be nighttime fish farts." In Tampa Bay, as you probably guessed.

Politician Allegedly Mixes Sexual Harassment with Racial Slurs, Farting

Max Read · 09/14/11 06:06PM

Meet Larry Dominick, Town President of Cicero, Ill., former home of Al Capone. (That's Larry in the striped shirt above.) Larry—like several of his predecessors—is in some trouble with the law. The woman who used to run the town's animal shelter has accused him of sexual harassment.

Watch Barney Frank Fart on Live TV

Matt Cherette · 08/09/11 12:04AM

Since our economy is going to hell in a handbasket, why not distract yourself from the economic doom that is now upon us with this clip of Rep. Barney Frank letting out what sounded like a giant fart tonight while chatting with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC? As you'll see, his hips most definitely don't lie.

Whoopi Goldberg Grosses Out Barbara Walters with Her Farts

Brian Moylan · 05/26/11 11:45AM

This morning Dr. Oz started adjusting to life after Oprah by making an appearance on The View. While discussing the benefits of fiber with the ladies, he noted that one of its side effects is gas. Naturally, this caused Whoopi Goldberg to start farting it up.

Demon-Faced Dog Lets Out Perfectly Timed Fart

Matt Cherette · 02/17/11 04:48PM

Of this video, Best Week Ever's Michelle Collins said, "It is, in my internet expert calculations, a perfect video." And that's before she discovered the fart. Seriously, you guys, just watch this now—because it is, in fact, perfect.

Pregnant TV Host Farts and Giggles on the Air

Maureen O'Connor · 02/04/11 02:55PM

BBC host Myleene Klaas farted audibly on the live National Lottery TV show on Wednesday evening. Immediately after ripping ass (unless it was a loud belly rumble?) she breaks into a wide grin and giggles. Off camera, another host chortles.

For Your Consideration: The Flatulent Iguana

Sarah Natochenny · 10/28/10 01:03PM

Award season is upon us and we are rounding up the greatest internet talent of the year. Consider this powerful performance by an iguana in a dramatic bathtub scene.