Social Taboos Like Farts and Boners Explode Via Daniel Radcliffe's Corpse: Swiss Army Man

Rich Juzwiak · 06/23/16 03:04PM

The Sundance sensation Swiss Army Man essentially wonders what Cast Away would have been like if Wilson weren’t a volleyball but a corpse named Manny (played by Daniel Radcliffe) whose bodily functions like farting and boners helped our stranded protagonist Hank find his way home (the farts propel Manny over ocean like a jet ski, and his boner works as a compass). What flourishes is what one of the movie’s directors, Daniel Scheinert, deems a “gray love story.” Swiss Army Man is, in a word, insane.

Politician Allegedly Mixes Sexual Harassment with Racial Slurs, Farting

Max Read · 09/14/11 06:06PM

Meet Larry Dominick, Town President of Cicero, Ill., former home of Al Capone. (That's Larry in the striped shirt above.) Larry—like several of his predecessors—is in some trouble with the law. The woman who used to run the town's animal shelter has accused him of sexual harassment.

Marines Ban Noisy Farts in Afghanistan

Lauri Apple · 08/23/11 10:07PM

As if being separated from their families while they defend their country and having to memorize Britney Spears lyrics weren't stressful enough, Marines serving downrange in Afghanistan can no longer fart loudly anymore. Noisy farts offend Afghans, reports the Marine Corps Times.

Ohio Students Suspended For School Bus Flatulence

Seth Abramovitch · 05/12/11 10:33PM

Who of us hasn't, at one time or other in our wild and misspent youths, let one rip, mightily and strong, for the comic benefit of our peers? It's practically a rite of passage! Well, two such mischievous scamps, seventh graders from Ohio, have been suspended by their school for doing just that. Farting on their school bus.

Fart Prank in Ladies Room

nightintern · 05/28/10 10:30AM

On his show, Graham Norton and his guests play pranks on women in a public bathroom via microphone. Fart jokes aplenty.

Spencer Morgan Did Not Fart On Models

Emily Gould · 09/12/07 02:20PM

The Observer's Spencer Morgan is being mocked by New York mag's Daily Intel today for his investigative thinkpiece on visiting a model apartment ("No, we're girls, we are not talking about politics. Sometimes we talk about shows we have done. Every morning, we talk about what clothes to put on"). Those New Yorkers even accuse him of committing "that most basic of all Fashion Week fouls—farting in a room full of models." But! "I did NOT fart," Spencer tell us. "You weren't meant to infer that they were 'giddily discussing my charms,' as they all ditched me in the living room. The farting allegation is as ludicrous as the allegation that I am an aspiring rake, as I have NEVER farted. My guess is after two hours of answering questions and being tape recorded, they had had enough."