Fark vs. Fox: here come the lawyers

Megan McCarthy · 09/13/07 02:51PM

Valleywag first reported the allegations last month, and now lawyers for news aggregation site Fark.com have made it official. This week, a lawsuit was filed in a Lexington, Kentucky courthouse alleging that a Kentucky-based Fox News reporter attempted to hack into Fark's servers. The one surprise — the defendants are named as "John Does 1-10," instead of an individual person. But that doesn't mean that the main suspect, Fox News reporter Darrell Phillips (pictured above right, after the jump), is off the hook. "We needed to be able to file subpoenas to get the final information from his net service providers," Fark.com founder Drew Curtis (pictured above left) IM'ed earlier today. Have more information on this developing story? Let us know.

Fark legal net tightens on Fox-linked hacker

Owen Thomas · 08/24/07 11:43AM

Richard Thompson, a blogger who tracks the Memphis, Tenn. news scene at Mediaverse Memphis, has done a follow-up interview with Drew Curtis, the founder of Fark.com. Last week, Curtis, left, fingered Darrell Phillips, to his right, a new media manager at News Corp.-owned TV station WHBQ Fox13, as an all-but-certain suspect behind attempts to hack into the site. He based his accusation on an all-but-conclusive trail of electronic evidence. Thompson, at first skeptical of the accusation, seems to be giving it more credence, as Curtis confirmed that Fark has plans underway to seek legal action. After the jump, the latest revelations.

Fark founder accuses Fox newsman of hacking

Owen Thomas · 08/17/07 12:17PM

Local TV reporters are infamous for practicing "ambush" journalism — but as they try to take their gotcha practices to the Web, increasingly they're the ones ambushed. The first rule of hacking, after all, is "Don't get caught." And Fox newsman Darrell Phillips may have broken that rule, Drew Curtis has told Valleywag. Curtis, left, is the founder of Fark.com, a thoroughly juvenile, and entertaining, social news site where users pick the headlines. Phillips, to his right, is the new media manager at WHBQ Fox13, a News Corp.-owned TV station in Memphis, Tenn. And Curtis claims to have assembled all-but-conclusive electronic evidence that Phillips has tried to hack into Fark's servers, potentially breaking several laws.

Paper outs Fox producers as Fark fans

Owen Thomas · 08/01/07 12:02PM

Fark, the insanely popular social-news site, with equally insane headlines, is an excellent source of ideas for lazy TV-news producers. So excellent, in fact, that an Indiana newspaper busted Fox News for picking up the story of a lurid homicide from a Fark link to the site. It also, jokingly, speculated that Fark would be Fox owner News Corp.'s next takeover target. On a lark, the site's founder, Drew Curtis, ran a Photoshop contest asking users to imagine what a Rupert Murdoch-owned Fark would look like. But it clearly struck a chord — and no surprise, since Fark's users and Murdoch's newsmen share the same mentality when it comes to headlines. Would the tabloid-like megablog really be such a bad fit within News Corp.'s growing Internet empire? (Illustration by bengieboy)

John Battelle owns the Internet

Nick Douglas · 06/02/06 10:25PM

So Google counts over 23 billion pages on the Internet — who cares? Nothing's really online until it's been "Dugg," "Farked," and "Boing Boinged." And when your new quirky blog post ("Meta-Katamari George Bush MacBook Pro Naked") gets passed around the memepool, it'll be surrounded by John Battelle's ads.

The Fark take on the 50 Most Loathsome

Gawker · 03/26/03 05:07PM

The Farkers are referring to the "50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers" issue from the NY Press as a list that "includes cocaine and 49 people you've never heard of." Some choice comments:
· Yoko Ono should have been WAY higher than that. I'm thinking in the "Woody Allen" area at least.
· "New York Press"? I'm guessing this is a paper that you get for free, largely underwritten by ads from phone-sex lines, booby bars and tatoo parlors. Am I wrong?
· Whoever submitted this link is an idiot. And may God have mercy on the soul of the moron that posted this link.
· How dare they insult Keith Blanchard? He's a solid man, and damn funny. The thing everybody gets wrong about the Maxim staff is thinking that they take their job seriously. They realize just as much as anyone how dumb their mag is, but they love the fact that they get paid to write about farts, beer, and boobies. It's the life. Pretty much everyone else on the list can go suck it, though.
Fark forum: 50 Most Loathsome New Yorkers [Fark]


Gawker · 03/15/03 10:20AM

They always, outside the pages of Details, end in tragedy. Lyle and Francine Greene pled guilty to public lewdness on the LIRR, though it wasn't clear whether it was the sexual act or the means of transport that was the greater offence against good taste. There was a third participant, a Dennis Greene, but the news reports gloss over his relationship with the couple. Meanwhile, the Fark website advises, after a threesome went wrong in Queens: "When having sex with two women at once, try not to slash them with your broken vodka bottle."
Couple Pleads Guilty in LIRR Sex Case [Newsday via 601am.com]
Trick turns deadly [New York Post]

Gawker jokes

Gawker · 12/21/02 01:54PM

Some jokes, mainly recycled, about Gawker. A bit of context: Metafilter is a weblog community, which hates everything Gawker stands for. And I do hope they can pinpoint what Gawker stands for, because we haven't quite defined that yet. I'm sure I've heard this one before, but it still made me chuckle:
Q. How many Gawker readers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Two. One to mix martinis while the other calls the electrician.
There are more, of amusement to web insiders, at Metafilter, but I'll leave you with this.