Faran Krentcil On How 'Lucky' Would Describe This Man's Thigh

Emily Gould · 08/08/07 12:50PM

Yesterday, we learned that Lucky magazine has some funny ways with descriptive language. Today, we learned that it's important to wear sunscreen, courtesy of Hamptonite Dick Stern and the parts of him that weren't obscured by the Week In Review section. We had to wonder: how would Lucky editors describe Dick Stern's tanned hide if it was stretched across the frame of, say, a Fall dream handbag, and not a person? We asked Fashionista editor Faran Krentcil, who promptly responded: "Ridiculously luxe supersoft crinkly leather in the most delicious shade of caramel." Also: "Bottegan."

Was "Snotty" Publicist Actually On The Side Of Good?

Emily Gould · 06/11/07 08:10AM

"As documents of sheer snotty bitchery go, it belongs in a hall of fame alongside... umm... Socrates'rebuke of Alcibiades in the Symposium," we said the other day of KCD publicist Bonnie Morrison's email to Coutorture blogger Julie Fredrickson, who'd complained that her inability to purchase a ticket to Monday's CFDA gala constituted a "pay for play" scenario. But was Bonnie actually being a bitch? Also, do we actually know what our own classical allusions mean? According to Fashionista's Faran Krentcil, the answer to at least one of these questions is a resounding "no."

Jessica Joffe and Faran Krentcil Administer The Look Book Coup De Grace

aswerdloff · 05/24/07 01:50PM

"I love to consume. Consuming is my specialty," says 26-year-old, $3,500 purse owning private equity associate Natasha Mitra. She is why this feature, intended to stare deep into the dark night of New York magazine's Look Book feature, exists. But in some circular, paradoxical, almost Buddhist way, she's also why this feature, after like, two years or something, has to go. Say goodbye! LATLB isn't going gentle into that good night, however! After the jump, Intern Alexis solicits the opinions of no less than Jessica Joffe, Faran Krentcil and Matthew Schneier as to what's in Natasha's Stratus bag.

Team Party Crash: The Lonely Hearts Kegger

Choire · 02/15/07 05:10PM

While the couples of New York were enjoying their reservations at Gramercy Tavern and anticipating late nights filled with champagne, strawberries, and edible panties, some singles were trying to figure out how to celebrate Valentine's Day without involving their friends Ben & Jerry. Enter an invitation to the Hollywould/Seize Sur Vingt Lonelyhearts Kegger.

Before They Were Sorta Famous: 'Fashionista' Faran Krentcil

Emily Gould · 01/30/07 10:40AM

So that's Faran Krencil, is it? Huh. We'd kind of expected someone who spends her days blogging about whether Pucci is the new Burberry to be a little more . . . relaxed. Blunt-cut. Straightened, if you will. But Faran Krentcil is a curly girl, and always has been. Evidence? Well, that Duke tee isn't just some ironic affectation: Krentcil did attend the institution best-known for basketball and lacrosse rape scandals, and she was quite well known there for a SEX COLUMN, of all things, in the student newspaper. After the jump, we'll see— and hear — our Fashionista as she once was: young, idealistic, and ready to dole out advice to underclassmen about one night stand etiquette.