Sexy Fan Kicks Usher in the Face Mid-Song

Maureen O'Connor · 12/15/10 12:02PM

Usher brings a fan onstage to serenade her. Sexily, he takes her into his arms. Reclining, she grinds against him, then lifts her leg and flicks her foot over his head, stripper-style—only to kick him in the face.

This Guy Is Really Into Car Crashes

Matt Cherette · 10/25/10 01:40PM

Here's a fan-recorded video from the Last Chance Heat 2 at Ipswich World Final 2010 race, featuring several cars crashing into each other. The crashes don't make the video entertaining, though—the guy's insanely excited voiceover does (NSFW language).

Blubbering San Diego Chargers Fan Can't Handle Losing to Oakland

Dan Grappone · 10/16/10 04:00PM

Here's a mother out to embarrass her son: watch this kid cry his eyes out while watching his beloved San Diego Chargers lose 35-27 to the perennial lowly Oakland Raiders. Hey, everyone loses sometimes...but not to Oakland!

Big Chik-fil-A Fan Terrifies Chik-fil-A

Hamilton Nolan · 03/17/10 09:37AM

Four times, Texas pastor Jesse Martin has traveled to grand openings of Chik-fil-A restaurants—even camping overnight—to win a free year's supply of Chik-fil-A food. His passion for chicken burns so bright it seems to discomfit even Chik-fil-A itself.

Lost Explained By People Who Have Never Seen Lost

Mike Byhoff · 02/04/10 09:41AM

Lost fans are rabid, but there are just as many people who haven't seen it at all. So Newsweek decided to have their employees who have never watched it before try to explain what's going on. And it's hilarious.

Your Super Bowl Freaky Fan Gallery

Ryan Tate · 02/01/09 06:36PM

Just in case there was any doubt: Yes, the Steelers and Cardinals fans who made it out to Tampa are, in fact, insane.

Behold, the Pratchgan!

ian spiegelman · 08/17/08 08:42AM

A group of yarn enthusiasts-who are also dedicated fans of best-selling Discworld author Terry Pratchett-wanted to present their favorite writer with something cool at the Edinburgh International Book Festival yesterday, so they got together and knitted a quilt, or afgan... er, Pratchgan! The group calls itself the Anhk Morpork Knitter's Guild, after the leading city in the funny-as-hell series, and the Pratchgan features images and phrases sure to delight anyone who loves orangutan librarians, black-clad assassins, talking dogs, the Grim Reaper, or vampires who've sworn off the B-word. The knitters say they were inspired to create the Pratchgan when Pratchett was diagnosed with rare early-onset Alzheimer's disease late last year. More photos and links after the jump.

Complex To Staff: Please Refrain From Feeling on 50's Muscles

pevans · 08/24/06 05:05PM

An insider over at Complex Magazine informs us that the people in charge over there, have deemed it necessary to send a company-wide e-mail requesting that emplyees stop accosting 50 Cent whenever he enters the building. We particularly like this line, "This office should be a second home for 50, not a place where he feels compelled to put on a show each time he walks through our doors." We can understand why the staff reacts so much, because while we prefer to stalk from afar, when we're in close with celebs, we demand only Grade A top-shelf shucking-and-jiving. No matter if we're in his house or ours.