500 Days of Kristin, Day 333: Kristin Cavallari Daily 

Allie Jones · 12/23/15 03:54PM

Twitter suggested today that I follow @KristinDaily, an account associated with the Kristin Cavallari fan site Makes sense, I guess. Upon further inspection, however, it appears that neither @KristinDaily nor is actually updated on a daily basis. even lists Kristin’s age as 27—one year younger than her widely reported age of 28. Either is on a campaign to convince the public that Kristin is younger than her reported age, or it’s still catching up on some updates from last year. All this is to say: weak. No, I will not follow @KristinDaily. “Kristin Daily” is right here.

Wow—You Like the Mets? Wow. 

Hamilton Nolan · 10/12/15 10:45AM

Wow—you like the Mets? Okay—congrats. A thousand apologies for my failure to immediately fall to my knees and worship your great moral courage.

Nickelback Fans Are Furious at Nickelback for Finally Selling Out

Andy Cush · 03/06/15 04:29PM

Fans drinking vodka sodas instead of Monster tallboys. Matching suits and mirror-encrusted guitars. A funky man who addresses adult humans as "children," like he thinks he's Prince or something. Vocoders, syncopation, silly glasses. This is the deeply strange universe presented in Nickelback's new video, and fans are not happy about it.

Ariana Grande's "Obsessed" Fan Showed Up to Meet Her In a Santa Suit

Allie Jones · 12/03/14 08:37AM

Ariana Grande's most festive fan was placed on psychiatric hold last week after he showed up at her record label headquarters in New York City wearing a Santa suit. Perhaps inspired by Ariana's new single "Santa Tell Me," 29-year-old Tim Normandin ignored warnings from cops and tried to meet the star.

Max Read · 06/25/14 08:19AM

A marlins fan cheers his team on.

Who Deserves to Be Baseball Mayor of New York?

Tom Scocca · 08/21/13 11:03AM

The New York Times today alerted its readers to the urgent political news that Bill de Blasio, the current maybe co-front-runner for the Democratic mayoral nomination, identifies as a fan of the Boston Red Sox. According to the paper, tradition appears to require that the city's chief executive be a fan of the Yankees. Javier C. Hernandez writes:

Taylor Swift “Biggest Fan” Contest Canceled After “Creepy” Man Wins

Caity Weaver · 07/23/13 06:10PM

The sterling reputation of America's oldest and most mystical tradition—the radio station contest—was forever tarnished this week, when Boston's Kiss FM pulled the plug on its "Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan" contest after Taylor Swift's Biggest Fan was revealed to be a 39-year-old man named Charles.

You Must Watch Beyoncé Sing “Halo” with Her Hair Stuck in a Fan

Caity Weaver · 07/23/13 11:07AM

Last night in Montreal, Beyoncé's natural, honey blonde hair got stuck in a giant fan while she was performing her Grammy Award-winning single "Halo" in front of 21,000 people. The result is some truly hilarious video (from varying angles and distances) of Beyoncé sitting glumly on stage belting out a love song while a team of giant men attempt to rip her hair out of a fan.

Protesters or Sports Fans: Who Riots Best?

Adrian Chen · 05/02/12 09:42PM

Yesterday was a big day for anarchists. During May Day protests they smashed windows in Seattle, got arrested in Cleveland for trying to blow up a bridge and arrested in New York for running around the Lower East Side. But that's just a normal Red Sox post-game celebration. Who does chaos best: Protesters or sports fans? Let's investigate.

Why I Don't Care About Twilight

Brian Moylan · 11/18/11 01:53PM

Today sees the release of Twilight: Something About Dawn, Part Nine in cineplexes across America and already every American girl between the ages of 10 and 18 has screamed herself hoarse at a midnight screening. But I don't care one lick about this movie or the whole franchise, and here's why.

Teen Girls Offering Their Virginity for Justin Bieber Tickets

Adrian Chen · 08/19/11 11:36AM

According to Mexican news outlets, the hysteria around Justin Bieber's upcoming Mexico City concert has reached such levels that a girl has even offered to trade her virginity for a ticket. Ladies, it's not worth it!