Amy Winehouse's Proud Parents Adopt Sober Wax Likeness

STV · 07/23/08 05:50PM

While the real Amy Winehouse accrues skin problems in a paparazzi-surrounded North London townhouse, the newly displayed Wax Amy Winehouse is drawing in the crowds at Madame Tussaud's a few miles away. And what a ghastly treat it is: a massive, beehive-encrusted head on an emaciated, tattooed frame, posed artfully in that tender performance moment between lyric-belting and fan-punching. Best of all, she's drug-, alcohol- and scab-free, compelling her Mum and Dad to not only attend her unveiling but also plan a bold, back-door museumbreak for the ages. "You know, she's not been home for a right birthday in years," Mr. Winehouse was heard to tell onlookers, anticipating her big 2-5 on Sept. 14. "They can just make a-bloody-nother. Victoria Beckham, now there's a cunt to melt." Judge for yourself if she's worth it after the jump.