Grandma Tries to Sell Grandson, Fails Miserably

Jeff Neumann · 11/06/10 01:52PM

A 45-year-old woman named Patty Bigbee was arrested yesterday with her boyfriend after they tried to sell her baby grandson for $75,000. After some haggling the buyer, an undercover police informant, got Bigbee to agree to $30,000.

Fat Guys with Hot Wives: A TV Timeline

Kristina Lucarelli · 03/30/10 12:00PM

In real life, fat guys never get the girl. Duh. But real life be damned! In TV land, anything is possible...including being a fat slob and still having a sexy and sometimes submissive wife. These are those lucky men.

Modern Technology Destroying the Family as We Know It

The Cajun Boy · 08/10/09 04:51AM

Remember when your Mom would go into your room each morning to wake you for school? Well those days are gone, now that parents are so busy Facebooking that they have to text message their kids to wake them up.

David Letterman Made to Squirm Over His Fear of Commitment

Ryan Tate · 04/15/09 04:44AM

Sometimes it's much more firm to watch the Late Show host squirm and make half-hearted self-deprecating jokes than to watch him go on a hilarious tear against someone. (If you're impatient, skip about two minutes in.)

Countess Raped Me, Husband Says

Ryan Tate · 03/25/09 05:39AM

Why would a rich guy sleep with his trophy wife and another woman? Because he's a lying cheat? Or because his uncontrollable Swedish bride knew he was leaving but took his body anyway?