Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the Day

Whitney Jefferson · 12/13/10 04:00PM

Today at Gawker.TV, Jon Hamm lends his voice to The Simpsons for an episode, Bill Hader impersonates Wikileaks' Julian Assange again on SNL, The Soup takes on Oprah, and Whoopi Goldberg attacks fat people with strollers at Disneyland.

Family Guy Travels to the North Pole to Kill Santa Claus

Whitney Jefferson · 12/13/10 02:36PM

After being snubbed by Santa at the mall, Stewie decides he's going murder Santa at the North Pole. Upon reaching their destination, Brian and Stewie learn that the world's greed and increasing demands are literally killing Santa and his elves.

Brian Turns Right at Rush Limbaugh's House on Family Guy

nightintern · 11/29/10 12:44AM

Complete with a showstopping musical number, tonight's Family Guy certainly delivered. Special guests include crowd favorites like Bush Jr., Cheney, Pelosi and the Globetrotters. This clip not only features tonight's stars, but relays the episode's message hilariously in 59 seconds.

Family Guy's Little People Puppet Show

nightintern · 11/07/10 11:21PM

In this Halloween episode, Peter and Quagmire tag along with Joe in response to a domestic abuse call. Upon entering the home, they realize that it is no delicate matter. Watch them take political incorrectness to a groundbreaking level!

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Anderson Evans · 11/06/10 10:33AM

They each defined "nerd" to an entire century, and continue to remain marketable to this day, but in the world of syndicated animation which do you think had the stronger series?

The TV Shows You Like Reveal Everything About You

Hamilton Nolan · 11/01/10 02:58PM

Do you watch various television shows? Then you'll be happy to know that thanks to "psychographics," marketing firms can determine your entire personality just by looking at your Tivo settings. For example: like Mad Men? You're a pinko Apple fanboy.

Family Guy Gives Star Wars Their Best Shot

James O'Donnell · 05/24/10 12:14PM

Brian the dog (as Chewbacca the Wookiee) shows his true colors when Peter (Han Solo) suggests a trip to see Lando Calrissian at cloud city. Good thing the other characters were willing to call him out.

Family Guy's Offensive Trip to Washington D.C.

Whitney Jefferson · 05/17/10 01:56PM

Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland got involved in a mystery that took them down to Washington D.C. The quest to discover who wrote a dirty joke took the gang to a bizarro version of our nation's capital.

Family Guy's 150th Episode: Love it or Hate it?

Whitney Jefferson · 05/03/10 02:00PM

Last night's one-hour special definitely had people talking. Most of my peers loathed the episode, but fans of Stewie and Brian's adventures surely weren't disappointed—the pair get trapped in a bank overnight and down a bottle of liquor.