Mistress' Little Sister Puts the Smack-Down on John Edwards

ian spiegelman · 08/09/08 09:33AM

John Edwards' former lover Rielle Hunter may be keeping mum while the former politician drags her name through the mud, but Rielle's kid sister, Melissa, is having none of it. She doesn't buy Edwards' claims that he isn't the father of Rielle's baby. She wants the man to take a paternity test. And she wants him to shut the f- up! "I wish that those involved would refrain from bad-mouthing my sister," she says. "In the first reaction from Hunter's family, her younger sister Melissa told ABC News that Edwards should immediately follow through on his pledge to take a paternity test. 'I would challenge him to do so,' the sister said. 'Somebody must stand up and defend my sister.'"

To the Death

Richard Lawson · 03/26/08 10:09AM

Yay! Family Feud is coming back! And this time it will feature celebrity families like the Lohans and the Baldwins. I can't wait to see the Lohans versus the Osmonds, skulking through the hills of West Virginia, murdering each other for vague and ancient reasons. Excellent entertainment. What's that you say? It's just a game show? Oh. Well forget it then.. [Faded Youth] Also: Wikipedia says that in 1979, descendants of the Hatfield and McCoy families appeared on the Feud, competing for cash and a pig. Does anyone have more info (or hopefully video) on this?

abalk · 10/01/07 04:40PM

Have Viacom chairman Sumner Redstone and daughter Shari resolved this summer's feud? Maybe not! "[A]ccording to several people close to the two, relations between father and daughter are anything but lovey-dovey, and their conflict appears very much alive." [LAT]

abalk · 06/25/07 12:34PM

Christopher Hitchens and his even crazier brother Peter are at odds. Which side to support? "Picking between a man who sticks to mineral water (Peter, oddly enough) and another whose initial drinks order was 'I'll have a triple Scotch on the rocks and a bottle of red wine chaser' is never going to be easy." [Independent]