Barron Hilton Continues Proud Family Tradition

Richard Lawson · 02/12/08 02:32PM

Crazy Britney Spears continues to muddle her way through her twenties while her younger sister, 16-year-old actress Jamie Lynn, is pregnant (which got her Nickelodeon show canceled.) Britney's sister in infamy, heiress Paris Hilton, has recently been revealed as a horrible mistreater of animals. So it would follow, by the rule of fucked up siblings, that Paris's younger brother Barron would begin a life of disaster on his own. And wouldn't you know it, today, gloriously, it began. Reports are coming in that he drunkenly ran into a gas station employee in Los Angeles this morning. The man was unhurt, luckily, but apparently when Hilton got out of the car he could barely walk. You'll remember that Paris recently served jail time for her own traffic violations. So, here we go. What awaits this poor lad we can only imagine. Though we can probably assume it will have something to do with trademarked catch phrases, creatures locked in closets, and many, many bastard children. [PageSix] After the jump, watch what a drunk Barron Hilton might look like if he was wearing his sister's wig. And was swearing a lot.