How Julia Allison Lured Jack McCain Into Her Web

Ryan Tate · 12/23/10 10:36AM

It's true: Julia Allison is dating John McCain's son Jack. And the dalliance will bring the internet famemonger long-lost levels of attention, despite protestations to the contrary. Her camera has certainly been busy.

Meet the Most Influential Man on the Internet

Ryan Tate · 10/21/10 07:33PM

Fast Company asked online voters to decide on the most influential person online. And after being lobbied via Twitter, Facebook and spam emails they've spoken: Jeremy "Shoemoney" Schoemaker is our king. Surely you know him? Shoemoney? Anyone?

Steve Jobs Has Created a Monster

Ryan Tate · 10/15/10 10:38AM

The journalism student who got into an email fight with Apple CEO Steve Jobs has posted a tipsy webcam video which she says will be the first in a series. Meet a fameball in the making, Chelsea Kate Isaacs.

Julia Allison Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Richard Lawson · 08/13/10 11:12AM

You guys. Did you know this was happening? One-time Gawker fixation and current bargain-bin micro-celeb Julia Allison — of website fame — has left New York City. Let's take a moment to reflect on the fameball that was.