Tech's Most Useless Big Shot

Ryan Tate · 08/26/11 09:35AM

Creative Artists Agency is reportedly discussing opening a Silicon Valley office where tech executives would become "rock stars." And they may start with Biz Stone, the vodka pitchman, Twitter co-founder, AOL adviser, and blogging how-to author. Stone is a good choice, being undistracted as he is with being an actual functioning technology executive.

College Hottie VC Is a Horseman of the Tech Apocalypse

Ryan Tate · 08/22/11 05:24PM

A prominent Silicon Valley investment firm has hired a college sophomore as an associate venture capitalist. Before you rush out to dump all your tech stocks in anticipation of the coming bubble crash, know this: She's a high achieving college sophomore.

The Hilarious Emails of Hollywood's Child Bride: 'We Want Money'

Maureen O'Connor · 08/05/11 02:24PM

Jeremy Baumhower produces radio tours, bringing musicians like Nick Cannon to major radio stations across America. Since Hollywood child bride Courtney Stodden is, ostensibly, a country singer, he contacted her using the email address listed on her website. The resulting exchange is comedic gold. Updated.

18-Year-Old Gay 'Socialite' Hopes to Be the Next Andy Cohen

Matt Cherette · 08/04/11 09:37PM

Remember Kevin Michael Barba, the "openly gay, up and coming New York socialite" who materialized in our inbox last week after his parents' secretary emailed us looking for a publicist referral? Well, he's back. So what's the teenager with "millions of dollars at his disposal" up to this week? He's doing amateur interviews on the streets of New York, of course. And he's as modest and down to earth as ever, as you'll see in the video above. [via Boy Culture]

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Regret Being Assholes

Jeff Neumann · 08/01/11 01:09AM

You've probably wondered what happened to Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt from The Hills, haven't you? Well, The Daily Beast caught up with the two, who are now broke and living at Spencer's parents' house in Santa Barbara. Theirs is a sad, cautionary tale of two kids who get filthy rich for no real reason, act like complete assholes on television, and then regret everything when the money dries up.

Get to Know Courtney Stodden, Child Bride of That 51-Year-Old Guy From Lost

Seth Abramovitch · 06/23/11 12:36AM

Love is a weird thing: You never quite know when and where cupid's arrow might strike. Take, for example, the recent nuptials of Doug Hutchison, a 51-year-old actor best known for a recurring role on Lost, to (allegedly) 16-year-old Courtney Stodden. Stodden is an aspiring everything from Ocean Shores, Washington, an area of the country one reader colorfully describes for us as "a morbid, destitute shithole of a coastal village masquerading as some kind of 'tourist destination.'" (Stodden was Miss Ocean Shores 2009.)

Jimmy McMillan Has Been Co-opted by the Tea Party

Jim Newell · 05/13/11 03:43PM

Former New York gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan, who became a national sensation after saying "the rent is too damn high" many times in one debate last year, has concocted a clever self-marketing strategy. He takes his famous "the ___ is too damn high" formulation and fills the blank with whatever corporations pay him to fill it with.

George W. Bush, Just Eatin' Souffle With His Buddies

Jim Newell · 05/13/11 11:42AM

George W. Bush, fresh off of his personal killing of Osama bin Laden with a golden six-shooter for which he deserves all credit, has finally commented in public about the dead Al Qaeda leader. The old galoot was booked at "a conference of hedge fund managers in Las Vegas" on Wednesday, and while he and the other thousand hookers were putting on their faces for the night, he was able to spare a few quotes.

Trump Congratulates Obama, Calls for Truce

Jim Newell · 05/02/11 12:31PM

It's perfectly understandable for the news media to divert its attention to the killing of Osama bin Laden for a little while. You kind of have to cover it, at least perfunctorily. But we must not let it distract us from the important issues facing the country. Is any reporter even jotting down whatever nutty stuff Donald Trump has to say today?

Hugo Chavez Makes Libya Airstrikes About Him

Jeff Neumann · 03/20/11 03:43PM

The Western Hemisphere's biggest blowhard, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, stood behind his main man Muammar Qaddafi in the face of allied airstrikes today, calling the attacks "indiscriminate bombing." He added, "With Venezuela, don't even think about it, Mr. Obama." We're fairly sure no one gives a shit about you right now, Hugo. But keep trying!

Peaches Geldof Accused of Shoplifting

Maureen O'Connor · 03/15/11 12:56PM

Peaches Geldof—the oft-nude British celebutante who shall henceforth be known as Poor Man's Lohan—was questioned by police last night over the alleged theft of a dress from a Camden Town store called Three Amigos. Apparently there was a "misunderstanding" over a "skater-style" dress she had not paid for. This is the fifth "misunderstanding" Peaches has had about clothing she did not pay for in the last five years.