The Fameball Game

Sheila · 05/01/08 08:51AM

Last night I decided to play a little game to pass time at the gym: take the treadmill in front of the window, overlooking Broadway, and run until I saw somebody famous walk by. Exactly thirty minutes later, Vimeo-founding Julia Allison-ex and web-boy Jakob Lodwick strolled past, as if on cue. Damn. I was hoping for SJP. Thanks, Internet.

Everyone Who's Touched A Celebrity Is Now Famous

Nick Douglas · 02/07/08 06:50PM

It's Fameball season. Blogger Erin Horgan is now "famous" for taking photos of John Mayer in a Borat thong. When the singer-songwriter pranced around in front of a crowd on a cruise ship wearing the neon green shoulder-strap swimsuit, totally to his surprise someone blogged it. Normally the story ends with "blogger sells photos to gossip magazine," but Horgan kept blogging about the attention her photos were getting, enough to interest the Cape Cod Times. Now getting a video interview (embedded after the jump omg click) on the windswept-white-people broadsheet's web site doesn't constitute fame, I know, but then gossip blog Just Jared ran a post made of exclamation marks about said interview, and now my editor is making me write about it here, so Erin Horgan is rolling up a little fameball.

Fameballs Are The Future

Nick Douglas · 01/03/08 08:14PM

Wednesday readers were shocked — shocked — to see Julia Allison talk about her life on the very site that through lurid coverage had transformed the columnist-pundit from someone no one knows about to someone Gawker readers know about. She's our symbol of the loathsome self-promoter, apparently because no one in New York realizes that her exhibitionist habits are perfectly normal.

Patrick Moberg Blames Publicity Whoredom On Dream Girl Camille

Emily Gould · 11/12/07 04:11PM

Vime-emo boy Patrick Moberg went back on his word last week when he and his New York Dream Girl, BlackBook intern Camille Hayton went on Good Morning America to tell their story of how he saw her on a subway and was hot for her and then put up a website and then found her. He's previously told his fanbase that once he found his dream lover, we'd all just have have to imagine the rest of their picture-perfect romance unfolding, because there would be "no more updates." What gives? Was it all just a publicity stunt? Today, Patrick clarifies, sort of, his intentions. Turns out the whole thing was Camille's idea!

Patrick Moberg And Camille Hayton Go On 'GMA' To Viral-Market Love

Emily Gould · 11/09/07 12:20PM

This week has been totally "surreal" for flower-wearing Aussie intern Camille Hayton. First her apartment burned to the ground, forcing her to wear one of her mom's dresses to this morning's "Good Morning America" taping. Then Vimeo employee Patrick Moberg saw her on the subway and made a website about it, but though the site quickly became a "worldwide internet sensation," it didn't come to her attention, she said, until someone "that I work with at BlackBook" mentioned it to her. They met last night for coffee and "totally clicked," so, in spite of Patrick's online avowal that "you'll have to make up your own ending for this," they went on national TV this morning to... show the world that you should believe in flowers and rainbows and romance? Or: To raise the profiles of their employers, Vimeo and BlackBook—or their own brands? We'd like to posit that believing the latter theory doesn't make you a cold-hearted cynic so much as it makes you a sentient human being.

What Do The Stars Hold For Fameball Jakob Lodwick?

Emily Gould · 10/04/07 12:15PM

If you know your date and location of birth, you can get a customized astrological prediction for free at Astro.com! They're translated from German or some shit, but they seem to otherwise be pretty dead on. For example, here's yesterday's prediction for Vimeo founder Jakob Lodwick, Star Editor at Large Julia Allison's on-again boyfriend, who once let Hampton Style editor Deb Schoeneman put a digit in a secret place inside him: