Nathaniel Rich Is Different From You And Me

Tom Scocca · 04/23/13 05:33PM

Disclosure. Disclosure! I like Frank Rich, based on my small but existent amount of contact with him in the course of my work. And as someone who is well-enough employed, in the unstable business of journalism, and who is still not too old to have maybe have a chance to eventually become better employed, I am also wary of Frank Rich. The former New York Times theater critic-turned-columnist, now a New York magazine writer and an HBO something-or-other, exists within a network of powerful goodwill and even more powerful professional obligation.

The Sheer Gall of Celebrities Demanding Privacy

Hamilton Nolan · 01/14/13 12:44PM

Last night, Jodie Foster, a famous actress who has been a famous actress for many decades, stood on stage at a glittery Hollywood awards show being broadcast around the world, and, in a lengthy, self-glorifying speech, in front of a crowd of the world's most famous people, asked for.... privacy. Is Jodie Foster clinically insane?

Taylor Swift Thinks About a Million People Every Time She Gets Dressed

Seth Abramovitch · 11/18/11 02:19AM

Taylor Swift is the subject of a probing 60 Minutes piece this Sunday, in which Leslie Stahl connects the crossover country sensation to the collapse of the European economy, Iran's secret nuclear weapons program, and an illegal baby-fighting ring in China. No, just kidding — it's about how pretty she is and how she makes nice songs about how the the boys on the football team never ask her to the sock hop. In this preview clip, Swift explains that she takes herself very seriously. As a role model! I mean as a role model. She takes herself very seriously as a role model. Take it away, Taylor! [60 Minutes]

Film School: Still for Suckers

Hamilton Nolan · 07/05/11 12:18PM

Film school is the journalism school of people who can't write. It's a place where kids with vague dreams of "making projects" go to chill out for a few years and learn that you should never call a "film" a "movie." Then they come out and get a shitty job for little money that pays them purely in proximity to power.

Hackers Hit Guy Who Live-Tweeted Bin Laden Raid

Adrian Chen · 05/02/11 05:35PM

33-year-old IT consultant Sohaib Athar was just hanging out on Sunday at home in Abbottabad, Pakistan, when he heard an explosion and a helicopter hovering above. He started tweeting what was going on, and ended up unwittingly live-blogging the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. Athar has become become such an internet celebrity that his website's been hacked.

Basically Every Celebrity Is at the Super Bowl

Adrian Chen · 02/06/11 02:47PM

Usually we think of basketball as the site of celebrity-sports nexus. Think: Spike Lee at the Knicks. But pretty much every celebrity has converged on Dallas today for the Super Bowl. Do any of them even like football?

Ted Williams Is the Luckiest Homeless Man Ever

Remy Stern · 01/06/11 06:37PM

Ted Williams, the panhandler from the side of the I-71 in Columbus, Ohio with the golden voice, has been hired by MSNBC to do voiceovers for the network's Lean Forward campaign.

How Did Paris Hilton Get Famous Anyway?

Brian Moylan · 12/01/10 12:09PM

Why did Paris Hilton suddenly become so famous a few years ago while other ditzy fameseekers with no discernible talent—like, say, Tara Reid—fell off the map so quickly? Elizabeth Currid-Halkett breaks it down in her new book.