Taylor Berman · 08/11/13 07:05PM

Port Authority police officers and FBI HAZMAT units were called to JFK Airport's postal facility on Sunday after customs agents reported a strange odor coming from a package. Contents of the package initially tested positive for VX nerve gas, but authorities eventually determined it only contained beauty supplies.

Lindsay Lohan Set off Her Ankle Bracelet

Brian Moylan · 06/02/11 04:20PM

The monitoring anklet that Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood's most larcenous starlet, has been forced to wear while under house arrest went off earlier this week. That would normally indicate that Lindsay's left the building. But when police went to her Venice Beach house, they found LiLo lounging in the sun on her roof deck, reading scripts. Authorities surmised the bracelet must have malfunctioned. Are they sure they located the right Lindsay? The one we know wouldn't be caught dead actually doing work.