Fat Cat's Attempted Jump Ends in Hilarious Failure

Taylor Berman · 02/10/14 09:37AM

This past December, Skimbles the cat sat perched on his owner's table, just yawning and doing cat things, when something caught his eye by the window. Skimbles thought about it and then leapt, making it... about two inches before crashing to the ground. Better luck next time, Skimbles.

Did a Man Mysteriously Fall from the Sky In New Jersey?

Adrian Chen · 09/15/10 05:47PM

Three employees at a veterinarian's office in Egg Harbor Township, NJ say they saw a man fall from the sky on Tuesday, sans parachute. An exhaustive search has turned up nothing. This is pretty disconcerting!

Choir Boy Faints, Falls Through Two Rows of Singers

Annie Fleming · 09/13/10 09:40AM

At an intense middle school choir concert, a young man is so moved by the music that he topples through his unsuspecting fellow singers. And yes, it is possible to faint with your eyes open.

The Beauty of Plummeting From Space

Matt Toder · 08/19/10 09:30AM

This alternately harrowing and beautiful video was taken by a pinhole camera on the side of one of the boosters of the STS-124 launch, after they separated and fell back to earth. It's literally like falling out of the sky.

All the Failing and Falling Kids A Person Could Want in One Video

Etan Berkowitz · 03/15/10 09:00AM

Riding bikes on rickety ramps, jumping off ridiculously high platforms or simply smashing into stuff. Kids just don't have common sense. In this original compilation, we've spliced together the stupidest, funniest and most painful kid mishaps into a single video.