Tom Scocca · 09/23/13 04:03PM

Anti-anti-sexism expert Christina Hoff Sommers has repeatedly warned America that boy-hating educators are forcing children to play namby-pamby things like "Circle of Friends," in lieu of traditional, vigorous games of tag. "Circle of Friends," Amanda Hess discovered, is freeze tag.

Fake J-Lo Ad Gets Slightly More Objectionable

Hamilton Nolan · 11/29/11 09:16AM

One funny thing that homegrown American sweetheart Jennifer Lopez did recently was to make this Fiat commercial about her love for the Bronx without actually leaving her platinum-coated soundstage in L.A. at any moment. As if Jennifer Lopez would be caught dead in a Fiat! Right? Anyhow, they also apparently used the huge TATS Cru "I (Heart) The Bronx" mural without permission.

Connective Tissue Coffee

Hamilton Nolan · 01/07/10 11:17AM

"Nescafé has found an avid market [in Singapore] for coffee with collagen, a protein found in connective tissues, on the theory that ingesting it will improve skin." Which is false. Also: eww, gross, throwup. [NYT. Pic via]

Exclusive: How GQ Made Glenn Beck Cry

John Cook · 06/17/09 09:30AM

Glenn Beck cries all the time because he's incapable of regulating his emotions. Also, it's a good image. Here's some deeply creepy and oddly transfixing behind-the-scenes video of Beck mugging and crying for the camera at his GQ photo shoot.

OK! Magazine's Photoshop Playdate

Hamilton Nolan · 03/12/09 11:18AM

OK!'s cover this week shows Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt on an adorable playdate! Now, let's look at the two separate photos they stitched together to create this Frankenstein-like Photoshop:

LonelyGirl15, Her Advertisers, And Investors Form 'The Resistance'

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/08 01:34PM

Remember LonelyGirl15, that fake-ass scripted YouTube series that got really popular for a minute when everybody thought it was real and turned into a media phenomenon? Well it's coming back in a major way! Which means its rabid fans are still lurking out there, and have been doing who knows what for the last several weeks waiting for this. "LG15: The Resistance" (*chuckle*) will debut 12 new weekly episodes next month, produced by a CBS-funded firm and "integrated" with advertisements. Resist, yes. The show's promo—a total ripoff of those 'Anonymous' anti-scientology vids—after the jump.

Dove's 'Real' Women: Fakes?

Hamilton Nolan · 05/08/08 10:46AM

You know that Dove "Campaign for Real Beauty," which featured women slightly less skeletal than the average model, and therefore demonstrated that Dove is the greatest, most big-hearted company ever in the world? Well now there's a scandal about it! A new New Yorker story about Pascal Dangin, the world's "premier retoucher of fashion photographs," contains this tidbit on Dove's campaign, which ostensibly celebrates authentic, unadulterated womanhood:

Fake Vintage Ads: Viagra From The Past

Hamilton Nolan · 04/04/08 11:32AM

Everybody loves vintage ads, because they're all old and weird-looking with funny language and whatnot. The drawback is, you can never buy the products in them. Well now that problem has been solved! Spooftastic Photoshop wizardry website Worth1000 sponsored a contest for fake vintage ads of current products. In a servicey move, we've culled the entire list down to the five best: Girls Gone Wild, Jagermeister, cell phones, Viagra, and laser hair removal—in the old school style—after the jump.