Lazy Larry the Melatonin Brownie's 'Heinous' Marketing

Jeff Neumann · 05/16/11 02:45AM

Two mayors in Massachusetts are livid over brownies called Lazy Cakes, that contain 8mg of sleep aid melatonin, saying the cartoon on the package is a scheme to attract children. The mayors of Fall River and New Bedford now want them banned. One doctor called the Lazy Cakes marketing scheme "heinous," while one mayor called it "despicable." So much anger, man. But the company told the Boston Herald that Lazy Larry, the budget brownie version of Sponge Bob, isn't meant to attract kids at all:

Reporter High on Salvia: 'I Felt Like Gene Kelly'

Jeff Neumann · 03/22/11 04:48AM

Intrepid Daily News reporter Irving DeJohn has one of the better jobs in media. He gets paid to get "high" on video and dance like Gene Kelly! DeJohn convinced his editors that he should buy some salvia, a dorm-size bowl, and get high on the street. So, what happened? As you can see in the video above, DeJohn was underwhelmed by the experience, and lamented the fact that he didn't see any goblins or have the chance to float over the Empire State Building. That's understandable, since salvia falls under the fake drugs category. But, we've got a suggestion! Tell the culture desk that you need some PCP — You get dusted, fight a cop, and maybe even carjack a cab. You'll have a one way ticket to Central Booking! Not that's an experience.

Florida Bans Snortable 'Bath Salts'

Jeff Neumann · 02/08/11 07:41AM

Following Louisiana's lead, last week Florida slapped an emergency ban on synthetic drugs that are marketed as "bath salts" because people are losing their minds after snorting and smoking "Vanilla Sky," "White Lightning," and "Ivory Snow." The state's attorney general was pushed to ban the "drug" after some people flipped out, according to NPR: