Clinton Strolls Into "Sniper Fire" In CNN Video

Ryan Tate · 03/24/08 10:11PM

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and his team unearthed a video of Hillary Clinton casually strolling off a military transport plane after landing in Bosnia in 1996, the clearest proof yet against Clinton's prior claims her plane faced sniper fire during the landing. Said Cooper: "You'll notice the absence of any ducking — or any running — or any shooting for that matter... it was apparently safe enough for a little child to a read a poem to the senator on the tarmac." The silver-haired anchor advanced CBS News' earlier coverage not only with impressively-packaged background footage and quotes but also with that patented concerned-crinkly-face thing he does so well. Thank you for emoting on behalf of the entire country, Anderson, we appreciate it. Video after the jump.

Hil's Dangerous Bosnian Adventure Perhaps a Bit Exaggerated

Pareene · 03/24/08 03:13PM

So Hillary Clinton has been going around saying that she is qualified to be president of everyone in part because she was shot at in Bosnia once, in 1996. CBS News dug up their original story from that Bosnia trip, and it turns out the "sniper fire" was actually a little girl, with a flower. Some card spliced the report with the recent Clinton speech about how dangerous that trip was, what with all the "evasive maneuvers" and such. Busted! New York compares Hillary to memoir-faker Margaret Seltzer, but that's unfair: Hillary went to Bosnia with Sinbad so she's still got cred that no one can touch. Full clip attached below.


Pareene · 03/18/08 09:49AM

Barack Obama's upcoming super-important campaign speech about race begins with plagiarism. The opening line, according to Drudge: "We the people, in order to form a more perfect union." Sharp-minded observers may recognize that from a little document called the Constitution.

Plagiarism Scandal Taints Dem Debate

Pareene · 02/22/08 10:47AM

Did you watch the Clinton/Obama debate last night? We didn't! But apparently it went like this: Hillary was all "Obama is a plagiarist hope you can Xerox lol" and the crowd sorta booed but the media decided it was the best zinger ever and Obama was ok but no zingers at all! And Hillary had a rousing and inspiring closing speech that she totally plagiarized from "Lonesome" John Edwards as the following YouTube clip clearly shows.