The NYT Loves James Frey's New Book

Sheila · 05/12/08 12:37PM

We haven't read it yet (somebody please send!), but the NYT has totally fallen in love with reformed lying-memoirst James Frey's Bright Shiny Morning, set in Los Angeles. Times critic Janet Maslin writes, "His publisher called it a dazzling tour de force. (Look, somebody had to, if only to create a comeback drama)... But that wasn't so far off the mark..." It's the "captivating urban kaleidoscope that, most recently, Charles Bock's 'Beautiful Children' was supposed to be." And what else?

Copycat Kiddies Ruin the Washington Post's Poetry Contest, Again

Sheila · 05/05/08 11:28AM

They start early! The Washington Post regrets that one of the kids published in its KidsPost poetry contest actually submitted a poem written by Shel Silverstein. (Last year's winner was also a copycat, reports Regret the Error.) There was more than one indiscretion: agents, click through to see which clever, annoying kids to get in touch with. (They're "branding" themselves as renegades with no respect for the old, bourgeois ideas of art and propriety!)

James Frey Is Trying Too Hard

Hamilton Nolan · 04/28/08 04:18PM

If just buying James Frey's new novel isn't enough for you, you can purchase the "companion volume" called Wives, Wheels, and Weapons for just $150, hardcover. But it has a bunch of Terry Richardson photos of MILFs, gangsters, and rad cars. The three things that symbolize L.A.! I don't really understand the market for any of this. Particularly for Frey's heavy metal/ Hell's Angels book promotional tour, which gets a prize for Most Apparent Conscious Contrivance Of Coolness: