The Spatsolver Will Solve Every Relationship Problem Ever

Mike Byhoff · 11/17/09 02:30PM

Love ignoring your wife? Hate when she says "are you even listening to me?!" Then your answer is the Spatsolver, a device that records the last five minutes of every conversation and delays your marriage from impending doom.

The Fake Ads Of The Fake New York Times

Hamilton Nolan · 11/12/08 01:04PM

The actual stories in The Yes Men's fake issue of the New York Times today are a little too earnestly liberal to be funny, though they're still... nifty? (And look, we know earnest liberals are the easiest group to make fun of, even easier than religious psychos, but let's give them some props for pulling the whole thing off okay? Hope, etc.) But the fake ads they put throughout the issue are a little sharper. Dr. Z makes a cameo! After the jump, five of the best ad spoofs, that have corporate America tumbling down as we speak:

The New Goldman Sachs

Hamilton Nolan · 09/22/08 09:43AM

Goldman Sachs has never had to depend on TV advertising. It's far too populist a medium for the king of investment banks. But now that Wall Street is dead, Goldman may have to actually go after the public at large. So Gawker video maven Richard Blakeley "recontextualized" some work by comedian Fritz Donnelly , ending up with this ad prototype that Goldman will likely want to steal. Pay attention, fancy financiers: this is how you sell to real people. Click to watch the future of American economic messaging.

Washington Mutual Will Do Anything For Your Business

Hamilton Nolan · 09/15/08 01:56PM

Pope-hating straight talker Bill Maher is seriously considering putting some money in failing Washington Mutual now that they're offering free blow jobs with every account. Click to watch the sadly plausible series of fake ads that get worse and worse until we're all broke and can't afford a blow job anyhow.

American Apparel Spoofer Porn-sassinates Obama

Hamilton Nolan · 08/27/08 12:26PM

We have to say this for the porntastic anonymous American Apparel ad spoofer: he or she is just so god damn aware of the vagaries of pseudoculture that it is impossible not to admire his or her attention-getting sensibility. Unless, of course, this all turns out to be paid for by Dov Charney, in which case you can expect a very sternly worded rebuke from us. So watch out. Today, the personal (wear) becomes political; it's The Assassination of Barack Obama as imagined not by a publicity-seeking artist Yazmany Arboleda, but by publicity-seeking artist "anonymous spoofer." And of course a big dick is involved, for reasons we can't quite understand:

American Apparel Spoofer Embraces Equality In Genitalia

Hamilton Nolan · 07/21/08 11:02AM

The notorious, mysterious, and sexy American Apparel ad spoofer raises so many philosophical questions: What is art? What is advertising? What is porn? And does showing blowjobs count as "sexual equality?" The spoofer has a long history of drawing female genitalia (and dildos). But now he or she has made the leap to showing penises for the cause-something Dov Charney can only dream of. Click through for the most overt (possibly NSFW, although it's just a drawing) example:

American Apparel Spoofer Goes Retro-Porny

Hamilton Nolan · 06/30/08 01:06PM

The now-famous but still anonymous American Apparel ad spoofer has always done his or her part to portray the hipster robot clothing company's ads as they are in CEO Dov Charney's mind: tasteful porn. The spoofer knows that the mandate to actually put clothes in his ads is just a necessary evil to Dov; he'd rather just see naked, self-stimulating, shaven women writhing around in space—perhaps accompanied by a cute animal. But now the spoofer is urging a return to the unshaven days of yore; a move that fits in with AA's faux-natural branding quite nicely. Clever viral marketing (doubtful)? Or just an unspoken call for variety in AA's secret full-on nude ads, to be unveiled as soon as society is ready for them? After the jump, full photos of the spoofer's latest porny—yet natural—line drawings: