Apple Pulls Ad Agency's Fake Refugee Boat-Spotting App That Doesn't Actually Spot Refugee Boats

Peter Yeh · 06/20/16 03:30PM

“I Sea” billed itself as an app that would “empower the billions of us with smart devices” to do something about the thousands of migrants that have already drowned in the Mediterranean. For the last few days, Mashable, Reuters, Wired and others chirpily blogged about it, and why not? It sounded so impressive! Wouldn’t you want to “spend your lunch break searching for migrants who might be in need of help”? The app’s slick promo video promised to use “the power of crowdsourcing to help monitor the vast sea, and make the impossible possible.” Sorry, but “I See” did not make the impossible possible, because vile PR stunts rarely do.

Stevie Nicks Calmly Discusses Murdering Nicki Minaj

Rich Juzwiak · 10/09/12 01:50PM

If you think that Stevie Nicks is a bizarre person to weigh in on the Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj American Idol feud, she'll see your bizarreness and raise you a murderous impulse. Pop music's most cherished witch figure seems to be the last person in the world who doesn't think Mariah and Nicki's public squabbling is a publicity stunt to court interest for the dying brand that is Idol, and that's a great thing because Nicks is saying ridiculous stuff as a result. Stuff like:

School Does Really Lame Job of Pretending Lady Gaga Came to Visit

Seth Abramovitch · 06/02/11 08:21PM

A school employee from New Jersey promised students that Lady Gaga would give the kids a talk about bullying via the internet. So she did what any reasonable person with absolutely no access to Lady Gaga would do after making a promise she could not keep: She hired a Lady Gaga impersonator!

This Can't Be What Russia Looks Like.. Can It?

Christopher Han · 11/21/10 06:00PM

Recently a video has been going around with the title "Russia in 15 Seconds." It captures an incredibly bleak picture of life in a poor village.. almost too bleak. Could it be real?

Bicycle Safety, Ironic Hipsters, and You

Mike Byhoff · 11/24/09 04:16PM

Here's an informative PSA about how to not only be the safest, coolest cyclingest dude around, but also how to make a convincing fake PSA.