Muslim 4th-Grader Sends Cutest-Ever Letter to Santa

Max Read · 12/13/12 11:27AM

What would you ask Santa if you were a fourth-grader? What if you'd never written to him before, because you're Muslim? There's some things you'd want to clear up, right? Things like... how. This kid did a pretty good job, though:

Rick Perry Determined to Make His Ads as Lifeless as Possible

Jim Newell · 12/02/11 06:00PM

What is this shit, Perry? Here we've got the third Rick Perry ad of this week, and what does it tell us: nothing. No, strike that: It tells us something. It tells us that the Rick Perry campaign is just going to spend all of that money it raised this summer on worthless bland ads until there's nothing left, and he can finally peace the hell out and return to his beloved Niggerhead.