The Nail Polish Bubble Has Burst

Hamilton Nolan · 12/16/13 12:08PM

Nail polish: a weird product that girls buy. We may never know why. What we do know, thanks to actual statistics, is this: the Great Nail Polish Bubble of 2012 has burst. What gives, nailpersons?

P90X Is a Fascist Workout

Hamilton Nolan · 08/15/12 10:15AM

Here at "I of the Tiger" Fitness Reportage Inc., we don't know much about "politics" or "economics" or "stealthy plans to decimate the social safety net while funneling untold sums to the rich." But we do know about fitness fads, exercise trends, and workout crapola. So when we heard that hokey-doke dreamboat Paul Ryan, Washington DC's most famous adherent of the P90X workout, could be the next VP, we immediately knew that it was time to exploit this fact for profit.

Pejazzling: Now You Can Vajazzle Your Penis

Max Read · 05/18/11 11:35PM

Men! The makers of vajazzle crystal designs have heard your prayers, and answered them with "Pejazzle," a line of "stick-on crystals just for men." They go above your penis, to make it prettier!

Professional Cock Blockers Swarm Chatroulette

Ryan Tate · 05/04/11 02:21PM

Chatroulette thinks it finally knows how to banish flashers. The video chat site has tried community moderation. It's tried dick detection software. Now it hopes 32 professional cockblockers can get a handle on this hard, longstanding problem.

Chatroulette Founder Regrets Not Playing Nice

Adrian Chen · 01/13/11 09:25PM

Hard to believe that tech's most powerful players were once squabbling for a piece of videochat site Chatroulette. Its teenaged Russian founder spurned them all, and Chatroulette is close to dead. Now he's having second thoughts.

Dying Chatroulette Experiments with Skins

Ryan Tate · 01/04/11 01:24PM

Russian video-talk site Chatroulette has launched a new feature called "Skinsroulette." Contrary to what you might expect on the noted penis exhibition hub, Skinsroulette does not involve actual skin. Sadly, it also doesn't involve improvements to the Chatroulette core.

R.I.P. Chatroulette: A Sad Tale of Missed Opportunity

Ryan Tate · 10/21/10 08:51PM

Remember Chatroulette? It's hard to believe that barely eight months ago the anonymous video chat site had everyone captivated. Venture capitalists clamored to invest, journalists tripped over one another to profile—and now Chatroulette is dying, unused and unloved.

Swedish People Are Stupid Too

Ravi Somaiya · 11/25/09 12:54PM

Sick of hearing about Sweden's excellent healthcare and education, and looking at Swedish people's glowing, high-cheekboned faces? Well you'll be happy to hear that they're falling for a ridiculous trend: sleeping on nail beds.

Google and Facebook co-dependently enable pool-crashing UK teens

Nicholas Carlson · 06/20/08 10:40AM

Google's mission is to organize all the world's information. It's working. For example, there is apparently no better resource on the Internet than Google Maps for British teenagers trying to decide which houses have the best pools for to sneaking into and hosting bacchanalian parties. Facebook, which is dedicated to "connecting people," helpfully gets in on the action too. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that once the British teenagers decide on a pool, they use Facebook to invite as many as 500 of their closest friends. Comfortable with Facebook's renowned privacy setting, the Herald reports the teenage organizers happily share their cell phone numbers to help coordinate the event. Just another example of how American teens are falling behind in technology thanks to a poor public education system, since this is far more complex than the "fire in the hole" prank.

Behind Every Internet Meme Is A Better One You Never Saw

Nick Douglas · 01/19/08 06:10PM

As I've mentioned, LOLcats is just a cuter version of Caturday, an old forum tradition of posting cat pictures with captions in broken English on Saturdays. Caturday itself is just a more formal version of the image macros that have floated around ever since the Internet found pictures. Every popular Internet meme is in fact a lamer version of a more obscure one, including Lazy Sunday, the Rickroll, Badger Badger Badger, Hot or Not, Ask a Ninja, and Chuck Norris Facts. I've traced them back to their edgier ancestors.

What The Hell Are 4chan, ED, Something Awful, And "b"?

Nick Douglas · 01/18/08 04:06AM

"Please run a post explaining 4chan, /b/, the Encyclopedia Dramatica, etc.," asks reader Gabe Roth. "I just have no idea what that stuff is about, and it makes me feel old." While Gawker commenters know every obscure web site or at least can fake it, regular readers may want an explanation of some of the Internet's most strangely influential sites, an explanation shorter than Wikipedia's 2200-word article about 4chan. So I'll define Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan, /b/, Something Awful, and YTMND.

There will never be another Star Wars Kid

Nick Douglas · 11/26/07 09:28PM

Internet video is booming. Presidential candidates take questions from YouTube users. VH1 talks about the week's best clips. Bill Murray and Danny DeVito star in straight-to-web skits. When Miss Teen South Carolina lost her mind on the air, millions saw it — online. But after all this excitement, why is the most famous Internet video of all time a four-year-old home movie?