Concerts Should End at 11 P.M.

Kelly Conaboy · 06/22/15 01:15PM

“All right, we just have a couple more songs for you guys,” announces the singer of a band you like, or a band you are seeing out of obligation, from the stage. You look down at your watch: It is 11:25. Man—come on.

Poor People Do Not Just Blow Any Money They Get

Hamilton Nolan · 09/23/14 01:20PM

It's come to my attention that many of our readers believe that if you give anything more than a modest sum of money to a poor person, that person will just go out and waste the money on impulse purchases. Allow me to point out that this is false.

Sport Coats and Jeans: Not Okay

Hamilton Nolan · 11/20/13 11:21AM

Men wearing sport coats and jeans: no. You want to be formal? Fine, wear a sport coat. You want to be casual? Fine, wear jeans. Pick one, and stand by your choice—Like A Real Man.

Fuck Boston

Hamilton Nolan · 10/31/13 12:34PM

Last night, for the first time in 95 years, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series at home in Fenway Park. Fuck the city of Boston, in general.

Five More Myths About Jesus

Hamilton Nolan · 09/27/13 12:44PM

In the Washington Post today, Reza Aslan debunks five myths about Jesus—he wasn't born in Bethlehem, he was not an only child, etc. But what is this mythbuster not telling you? Scholars say there are at least five more myths about Jesus.

Tom Scocca · 08/23/13 01:07PM

Outright racism in America is largely a thing of the past, the Economist writes, because (among other things) "[t]he governor of lily-white Massachusetts is black." Lily-white Massachusetts ranks 26th of 50 states in percentage of black population, and 22nd in percentage of white population.

Children Who Snore Grow Up to Be Crazy

Hamilton Nolan · 03/05/12 02:23PM

Have you ever looked in on your beautiful child slumbering and heard him or her "snoring?" Sorry to tell you this, but. Your kid will be all fucked up (psychologically).

'Indisputable Evidence' of Abominable Snowman Found

Hamilton Nolan · 10/12/11 08:27AM

Is the mighty and fabled Abominable Snowman currently, as we speak, right this moment, trouncing around upper Russia, stealing livestock and what not? Well. It's certainly an issue over which experts can disagree.

Will Science Die With Bill Nye?

Hamilton Nolan · 11/17/10 03:22PM

Science Guy! NASA machine! Heart drug! Rapid feedback! Skinny death! Meteor shower! And fake exercise myths from fake exercise scientists! It's your Wednesday Science Watch, where we watch science—pseudoscientifically!

Listen to this Song About Mind-Blowing Facts

Christopher Han · 10/22/10 06:30PM

Fold over a piece of paper 42 times and it will reach the moon! In both a part of his song-a-day project as well as an effort in crowd-sourcing, Jonathan Mann sings and informs in this excellent three-minute song.

Gwyneth Paltrow Will Not Give You a Blow Job

Richard Lawson · 10/08/10 10:29AM

Well, who knows about now, but back at the beginning of her career she certainly wouldn't have. In an interview with Elle, the wispy actress talks about an uncomfortable casting couch situation early in her acting days. She said no!

Menstruation Makes You Buy Crap

Hamilton Nolan · 10/07/10 01:30PM

Hey ladies? It's science calling: a new study found that "a pre-menopausal woman is more likely to make excessive or impulsive purchases the further she is into her cycle." Saving money? Check that cycle. That's the word—from science. [Miller-McCune]