Why Are These Rich Tech Companies Asking Us Commoners to Stop Ebola?

Leah Finnegan · 11/11/14 01:09PM

Facebook and Google, multi-billion dollar corporations that mine your private data for money, are apparently very concerned about the Ebola virus, because they are "socially active" companies. So they are asking—nay, guilting—their users for money to "help" "stop" and "fight" Ebola.

Feds Stole a Woman's Identity and Made a Fake Facebook Page for Her

Andy Cush · 10/07/14 11:30AM

Search "Sondra Price" on Facebook and you'll find a profile for the woman shown above. From the information that's publicly displayed, you'll learn a few things about her: She went to Watertown High School, she drives a BMW, her nickname is "Sosa," and judging by one picture, she might have young children.

Hamilton Nolan · 09/29/14 09:49AM

I'm not sure, but it seems like the spiritual benefits of rejecting narcissistic impulses by deleting your Facebook account are somewhat canceled out if you publish a New York Times op-ed about everything you've been doing since you stopped posting Facebook updates.

Police Say Mom Filmed As Son Set Himself On Fire

Nalea J. Ko · 08/13/14 10:41PM

Police say the mother of a 16-year-old boy stood by with a video camera while her son covered his bare chest in nail polish remover and lit himself on fire to make a "Fire Challenge" Facebook video.

"World's Dumbest Criminal" Left Victim's Computer Logged Into Facebook

Andy Cush · 06/24/14 10:10AM

Rule number one of home invasion in 2014: Don't check your Facebook while you're on a job. Rule number two: If the urge to look becomes insatiable, allow yourself a peek at your iPhone, but do not attempt to use the target's computer. Number three: if all else fails, just make sure you log out before you leave.