Reminder: Facebook Is Always Tracking You

Ashley Feinberg · 07/02/15 10:40AM

Earlier this week, rainbow-faced Facebook users everywhere went into a state of panic over the fact that Facebook “didn’t deny” tracking who was using its new “Celebrate Pride” tool. Panic at the idea that a powerful multibillion-dollar corporation is tracking certain of your behaviors is totally natural, obviously. So get ready to panic a little bit further. Facebook is always tracking you.

What's the Stupidest Thing You've Seen on Your Facebook Feed?

Aleksander Chan · 05/05/15 02:40PM

The habitual scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed—alone on your computer late at night; on your phone while standing in line for coffee; right now, at your desk at work—is among the worst learned behaviors of the last 10 years.

Seven Extremely NSFW Photos You Are Totally Free to Post to Facebook

Sam Biddle · 03/16/15 02:00PM

Facebook just attempted to clarify what you are and are not allowed to share on Facebook without getting your account shut down. The company has gotten some bad press for treating a painting of a nude woman (art, man) the same way it treats hardcore pornography, and in a new blog post that absolutely nobody will read, Facebook says it's aiming to "[provide] more detail and clarity on what is and is not allowed. For example, what exactly do we mean by nudity, or what do we mean by hate speech?"

Aaron Schock Adviser Quits After Comparing Black People to Zoo Animals

Aleksander Chan · 02/05/15 03:59PM

Another calamity barreling out of Illinois rep. Aaron Schock's office today: Benjamin Cole, Schock's senior adviser for policy and communications, resigned this afternoon after a series of racially-charged Facebook posts—including one in which he compares black people to zoo animals—were obtained and published by ThinkProgress. In another since-deleted post, Cole writes that he "thinks they should build a mosque on the White House grounds," in an apparent dig at Obama.

That Facebook Copyright Thing Is Still Utterly Meaningless

Jay Hathaway · 01/05/15 04:26PM

It's 2015, and your friends are sharing that block of pseudo-legal gibberish that supposedly prevents Facebook from using their "copyrighted content." This copyright notice means exactly the same thing it did when they posted it in 2012, 2013, and 2014: jack shit.

Facebook Sorry for Making Users Relive Hellish Year With Year in Review 

Taylor Berman · 12/28/14 10:25PM

Facebook now admits that forcing people to revisit their most Liked and commented upon photos and statuses from the past year might not have been the best idea. This week, the product manager for the social media company's "Year in Review" app apologized to Eric Meyer, whose six-year-old daughter died of brain cancer earlier this year.

You're Not Going to Become Weightless on January 4th

Jay Hathaway · 12/26/14 02:20PM

You may have a seen a story going around Facebook that promises you'll be able to float in the air on January 4th as a result of a planetary alignment that will "decrease gravity" for 5 minutes. Unfortunately, it is total bullshit.

Teen Girl Arrested for Running High School Prostitution Ring On Facebook

Allie Jones · 11/25/14 10:30AM

A 17-year-old Florida girl was arrested Friday for human trafficking after the Venice police department began investigating a high school prostitution ring organized on Facebook. The girl arranged at least one act of prostitution that involved a 15-year-old girl and a 21-year-old man, according to cops.