Facebook's "People You May Know" Creeping Everyone Out

noelle_hancock · 04/08/08 12:37PM

Another day, another New York Observer trend piece, which like most journalism, has basically been reduced to a long diary entry. (Full disclosure: We used to work there!) This week Gawker alum Doree tackles Facebook's new "People You May Know" feature, in which the social networking site mines your friend list and then matches people up with other friends on your list. It's the cyber equivalent of being at a party and the host awkwardly pushing you over to someone and saying, "Have you met Donna?!"

What Kind Of Facebook Status Update Loser Are You?

Emily Gould · 10/01/07 04:10PM

"Hey, people are talking about that terrible, morally reprehensible thing you wrote about Neal Pollack's four-year-old in their Facebook status updates," I told Josh last Friday. "Wow, cultural relevance!" he said. "Yes, that is how we're measuring that these days," I told him. It was funny (or not) because it's kind of true! The person who'd updated her status to defend Pollack—"[Person] is wondering why it's acceptable to pick on small children on gossip websites"—later changed her status to "[Person] is going to write more 'blind item' status updates so more people will post on her wall," and we can see why—she netted 6 new friends from the whole deal! So that's one kind of Facebook status update: The blind item. What are the other kinds?