Canadians Declare War on Facebook

Ryan Tate · 07/12/10 01:39PM

Remember how Facebook unilaterally appropriated private friend lists and profile photos several months ago? A new class-action suit says that action violated Canadian privacy and consumer protection laws, and demands a cut of Facebook's ill-gotten revenues. Nice, ay?

Making Facebook Pay

Ryan Tate · 12/18/09 02:11PM

Facebook doubtlessly hoped forcing open user profiles would help the social network compete more profitably with open systems like Twitter. But there could well be a multi-million-dollar price to pay for the aggressive change, particularly if Facebook broke the law.

Facebook's Great Betrayal

Ryan Tate · 12/14/09 03:08PM

Facebook's privacy pullback isn't just outrageous; it's a landmark turning point for the social network. Facebook has blundered before, but the latest changes are far more calculated. The company has, in short, turned evil.

Facebook Wants to Steal Your Friends

Ryan Tate · 12/10/09 12:13PM

Facebook's new "privacy" settings are even more nefarious than they first appeared: The social network has formally nationalized your friends list, like some Cuban sugar plantation, and published it to people who hate you. You have no choice.

Facebook Begins 'Privacy' Con

Ryan Tate · 12/09/09 05:49PM

It would seem our conspiracy theory is coming true: Facebook's big push to give you "more control of your information" is actually an initiative to get you to give up control of your information. Step one: Frame greed as concern.