Facebook dumping $100,000/mo. Sponsored Groups for Pages

Owen Thomas · 05/02/08 02:40PM

It's hard to count the ways Mark Zuckerberg botched the launch of Facebook's "Social Ads" last fall. From the portentous talk of a once-every-100-years "change" in media, to the privacy brouhaha over Facebook's Beacon technology, Facebook's inexperienced CEO did just about everything wrong. At last, he's starting to get things right. Facebook has begun encouraging advertisers with sponsored groups to shift to Facebook Pages instead. Apple, with the largest sponsored group, has moved 400,000 members of its Apple Students group to be "fans" of the Apple Facebook page instead. It's a big, risky, and potentially costly change.

Facebook posts advertiser's driver's license for all the world to see

Nicholas Carlson · 05/02/08 12:40PM

Musicians can promote their work through Facebook's Musician Pages. But before allowing them to upload music files, Facebook requires administrators to submit scans of their driver's licenses, to keep on file in case claims of copyright infringement come up. Last night, one of these administrators, an employee at Ping Pong Music, discovered Facebook had posted his license publicly on EMI artist This World Fair's page. He took a screenshot, which we've included below.