Mark Zuckerberg, Morgan Stanley Sued Over Crappy Facebook IPO

Adrian Chen · 05/23/12 09:37AM

Facebook's stock continues to perform more embarrassingly than your grandmother on Facebook. Now Facebook's disastrous IPO has descended, predictably, into a morass of lawsuits as investors scramble to recover their losses. This is so much more fun than marveling at how rich Mark Zuckerberg is!

The Facebook IPO Was an Inside Joke

Adrian Chen · 05/22/12 04:55PM

Facebook's stock continues to suck harder than a Northwestern University freshman on a 5-foot bong in his profile pic. And the fallout from the most hyped IPO in history bursts not just the illusion that Facebook is actually worth $100 billion, but the idea that Facebook is different than any other corporation hell-bent on making as much money as possible for a handful of very wealthy people.

Facebook's Stock Tumbles Harder Than a Drunk Bro In a College Sophomore's Facebook Album

Adrian Chen · 05/21/12 01:10PM

If Facebook's IPO on Friday was a one-day Web 2.0 Gold Rush, then today is when the prospectors realize all the gold has already been taken out of the rivers and start getting trashed on moonshine and move to San Jose to open a shoe store. After a disappointing day of trading on Friday, Facebook's stock tumbled 13 percent today, falling below its opening price on Friday of $42.

Horrible Newspaper Lets You Track Mark Zuckerberg's Wealth In Real Time

Adrian Chen · 05/18/12 11:00AM

Facebook just went public a few minutes ago. And today is the day when we forget Occupy Wall Street ever happened to slaver over the tiny handful of investors and Facebook employees who will become super rich from the $16 billion IPO. To that end, the Wall Street Journal offers this widget that lets you track Mark Zuckerberg's obscene wealth in real time as Facebook's stock rises or falls.