Guy Raises $7,000 on Kickstarter to Fund Insufferable Bonding Trip With Each of His Facebook Friends

Maggie Lange · 03/15/13 01:01PM

An online friendship doesn't mean you share mutual affection, trust, history, or any of the other standard qualifiers for a relationship and this is mostly chill because it's Facebook and that's how Facebook has worked for years. Well Connecticut-based photographer and astute cultural observer, Ty Morin has discerned this as well and he plans to do something about it.

The Biological Reason You Have Too Many Facebook Friends

Brian Moylan · 11/02/11 02:20PM

So many people think that the more Facebook friends they have, the better. Wrong! In an excerpt from his just released book You Are Not So Smart David McRaney explains "Dunbar's Number" and why trying to keep in touch with more than 150 people, even on Facebook, is a biological impossibility.