Detroit Reporter Drops Nuclear F-Bomb on Live TV

Neetzan Zimmerman · 11/13/13 01:06PM

A general assignment reporter for Detroit's Local 4 News was having trouble getting her earpiece (IFB) to work during this morning's newscast, so she attempted to fix the problem by angrily shouting "I can't get this fucking in there" with a live news camera rolling beside her.

The 12 Movies with the Most F-Bombs in Them

Matt Cherette · 08/18/10 08:37PM

Sometimes, movies contain no utterances of "Fuck." Other times, they contain a fuckload of them (hah). Have you ever wondered what the Top 12 movies, as measured by their "Fuck" frequency, were? The answer—via an awesome infographic—inside.

Carol Bartz's Elusive New F-Bomb

Ryan Tate · 05/27/09 07:10PM

Yahoo's delightfully potty-mouthed CEO dropped another one of her famous F-bombs on the Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher at the D conference today. The Journal's been promoting the incident online, but can't seem to bring itself to air video of the cussing.

Shep Smith Loses It, Drops F-Bomb

Ryan Tate · 04/22/09 09:52PM

Shep Smith lost it on-air tonight over torture. Being Fox News' angry, sultry rogue anchor, he's against all the double-talk and subterfuge to justify it. Really against it. Totally "fucking" against it.